The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 649

Chapter 649
Stefan looked at Renee and smiled. “What do you think, Miss Everheart?”
Renee rolled her eyes out of anger. “You’re all sick. Do we even know each
other that well? Why would a bunch of guys have the audacity to ask a woman
to roast food for them? I…”
“That’s true!’ Stefan smiled vaguely. “After all, you used up a lot of your energy
last night. It’s such a pity that I…”
“Shut up!” Seeing how Stefan was about to take off his robe, Renee quickly cut
him off. “Fine, I’ll do it!”
Enter title…
She wanted to discuss something in private with Xavier anyway.
There were various ingredients, and a barbecue grill on the green field made up
part of the vast backyard.
The sun was blazed with fury. Stefan and the other men sat on deck chairs
under the canopy, and chatted.
Renee, on the other hand, sat in front of the barbecue grill, roasting food for
them. She had a sour expression on her face.
The roasted pork belly was oozing oil, and the crispy chicken wings were coated
with a layer of honey. There was a mouth-watering aroma.
“Damn it! What did I do to end up roasting food for Stefan and his friends?”
Renee glanced at the men nearby. Feeling angry, she sprinkled a layer of chili
powder on the skewers.
‘Tsk, tsk.’ She was suffering because she cared too much about her reputation!
The men were having a good time chatting. They recounted fun experiences
they had in the past.
Although Stefan was somewhat quieter in the group, he had a strong presence.
Basically, the things everyone talked about revolved around him.
“Not bad, Stefan. You pissed Renee off so badly the other day; I was worried
you’d stop seeing each other for good. I can’t believe you patched things up in
just a few days. How did you manage to get her wrapped around your fingers?
Share your experience!” Xavier teased.
The other guys also appeared keen to learn.
“Exactly. Stefan might not have been in many relationships, but the quality of his
relationships is always high. He always manages to hit the jackpot. Hurry up
and teach us…”
Stefan appeared aloof as usual. “There’s no technique to be taught. If anything,
I think it’s probably because she loves me too much. She hasn’t been able to
forget me after all these years. That’s why she wants to win me over with a
method like this.”
The men couldn’t help but cover their mouths while they laughed.
Clearly, Stefan was blowing his own trumpet. It wasn’t convincing at all.
Christopher burst his bubble. ‘Why does Miss Everheart seem a little upset with
you? Are you blackmailing her?’
“Absolutely not. She simply finds me irresistible,” Stefan said firmly.
This was when Renee walked over with the skewers she had finished roasting.
She forced a smile upon her face. “Guys, the food is ready. Can I leave now?”
Xavier was a troublemaker. He looked at Renee. “Renee, Stefan said you find
him irresistible and still have feelings for him, which was why you willingly
roasted skewers for us. Was he just making it up?”
“No. He’s telling the truth.” Renee smiled at Stefan. “I do find him irresistible. I
roasted these skewers for him. They contain the intense feeling of love I have
for him. He’s the only one who can eat them. Don’t try to take any from him!”
Renee exclaimed.
Stefan wasn’t expecting Renee to be this cooperative. He felt a little giddy. After
picking up a skewered chicken wing, he began praising her. “I can tell that you
put a lot of effort into roasting this.”
“Of course. Hurry up and give it a taste. Don’t let my hard work go to waste, ”
Renee urged with a smile on her face.


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