The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 653

Chapter 653
The only difference was that Renee’s aura of superiority originated from her
“Your Stefan?” Renee asked with a playful look in her eyes.
Seraphina rolled her eyes. “Obviously, he’s ours. Did you know that I grew up
with Stefan? We also share the same birthday in the same month of the same
year. I was born an hour ahead of him. That’s why he’s like my little brother…”
“So?” Renee replied calmly. She wasn’t sure what Seraphina was trying to say.
Enter title…
“So, I’m warning you to stay away from him. You two are already divorced. I
won’t tolerate you pulling any tricks on him!” Seraphina uttered fiercely.
“I see… What a considerate sister you are!” Renee replied with a halfhearted
smile while she looked Seraphina up and down.
Seraphina had a tomboy-like appearance, and her outfit was also casual.
Although she didn’t seem like the kind to harbor any ill intentions, her words
seemed to be filled with undertones of sarcasm.
Only a woman could recognize such undertones.
Things were getting a little awkward, so Xavier tried to make peace.
“Alright, you two. Stop being so hostile to each other. In my opinion, your
personalities are rather similar. I believe you can be good friends…
“Renee, don’t take things to heart. Seraphina has always been like this. She
gets straight to the point, and she criticizes everyone she meets. To be honest,
she doesn’t have any bad intentions. Just think of her as a straightforward guy!”
Seraphina was enraged by what Xavier said, and she immediately chased after
him and hit him.
“You’re the straightforward guy. You all are. I won’t rest until I beat the crap out
of you today!” Seraphina yelled.
The two of them began kicking and punching each other like elementary school
kids while Renee stood in between.
For some unknown reason, Stefan actually began to walk toward them.
Renee could clearly sense a change in Seraphina’s facial expression. There
was a special look in her eyes that suggested something romantic.
As a woman herself, Renee could easily see what was going on. Seraphina
liked Stefan. In fact, she liked him a lot!
That explained why she was so hostile toward Renee. It almost looked like
she’d eat her alive…
It turned out that Seraphina perceived Renee as her romantic rival.
“Stefan, you’re an awful friend!” Seraphina joyfully threw herself against Stefan.
She wrapped her arms around his neck intimately. “How could you not invite me
to a gathering like this? Do you even think of me as a friend?”
Stefan smiled. It was rare that he even did so. He patted Seraphina on the back
and apologized with a tone of endearment. “Sorry. I didn’t plan this properly.”
“An apology isn’t enough. Can’t you do better?”
“What do you want then?” Stefan asked.
Seraphina wouldn’t let go of Stefan. “Roast a few skewers for me.
Otherwise, we won’t be friends anymore.”
“Alright.” Stefan nodded.
“Great. That’s the Stefan I know. Good boy!” Seraphina held his hand and
walked happily to the barbecue grill.
At the same time, she glanced ever so quickly at Renee. There was a brief
moment when she appeared pleased with herself…


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