The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 654

Chapter 654
The worst part was Stefan’s reaction.
He didn’t even acknowledge Renee when he walked past her. It was as if she
wasn’t even there.
Things felt so awkward that Xavier nearly wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.
“Renee, don’t get mad. You know how proud Stefan is. He’s probably upset
because you disrespected him earlier. That’s why…” Xavier trailed off.
“It doesn’t matter.” Renee shrugged. She looked at Stefan and Seraphine while
they walked away. “Didn’t I tell you that I no longer want to have anything to do
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with him? Why would I get mad?”
“Are you really not upset at all?” Xavier cocked his head. He stared at Renee’s
face and teased her playfully. “Why does your facial expression seem so
Renee remained silent.
To be honest, Xavier wasn’t making things up.
She really did get upset for a moment, but it wasn’t because of Stefan. Instead,
it was Seraphina’s doing.
This woman was so pretentious. She might seem like a tomboy-like girl who got
along with Stefan as a friend, but she actually had ulterior motives. They had
only met for the first time, and she already tried to provoke Renee.
Renee was especially pissed by how she behaved like a victor when she and
Stefan walked past.
“Does Seraphina like Stefan?” Renee asked. She stared at Seraphina and
Stefan, who stood close to each other.
“Huh? Seraphina and Stefan?” Xavier responded as if he’d heard the biggest
joke of all time. He directly burst into laughter. “That’s impossible. They’re like
brothers. Stefan doesn’t even see her as a woman. She probably doesn’t like
men either. If they were to have feelings for each other, they’d have gotten
together long ago. You wouldn’t have stood a chance…”
Renee shook her head. “You don’t understand women. This is the most
sophisticated kind of trick.”
“Come on, Renee. Don’t over-complicate things with Seraphina. She’s
practically a single-cell organism. She doesn’t have that kind of motive, and she
wouldn’t fight with you over Stefan. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even be friends with
Xavier repeatedly highlighted that Renee was overthinking. He believed she
was only thinking that way because of her internal bias.
Renee could tell that Seraphina was regarded very highly in the group. Clearly,
Seraphina was good at managing relationships.
Xavier suddenly realized something. “Oh! I know why you’re hostile toward
“Because you’re jealous!” Xavier pointed at Renee and began to chuckle.” You
think of Seraphina as your romantic rival. You’re afraid she would steal Stefan
from you, aren’t you?”
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Renee was speechless.
“That means you still haven’t completely moved on. You’re concerned about
members of the opposite gender being around him. Clearly, you’re still in love
with him… Tsk, tsk. You don’t say what you mean, just like Stefan! You’re made
for each other!”
Renee rolled her eyes. “First of all, I’m not hostile toward Seraphina. She’s the
one who was hostile toward me. Second of all, I’m not jealous. Stefan can no
longer influence my emotions.”
“Yes, yes, that’s right. You’re not jealous. You no longer have feelings for him,
and you don’t care who he hugs…” Xavier suddenly grabbed Renee by her
shoulder and began whispering affectionately in her ear. “Do you want to find
out if Stefan still has feelings for you? Do you wonder if he’d get jealous over


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