The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 655

Chapter 655
Renee didn’t say anything. She didn’t agree, but she made no denial either.
“Hahaha! Alright. You don’t have to answer me. I know what you’re thinking. Just
listen to me and do as I say.” Xavier was determined to be the nice guy and go
all the way. He decided he would try one last time to help this proud couple out.
If it still didn’t work this time, he’d stop caring!
Back in the barbecue area, Stefan and Seraphina were roasting skewers.
As a result of them sharing the same birthday, they also had a similar outlook on
life, and the two had always been close. One could even go as far as to say
Enter title…
they were best friends.
However, Stefan merely thought of Seraphina as a friend. Seraphina, on the
other hand, started developing romantic feelings for him when puberty hit.
Just as Seraphina was about to confess her feelings for Stefan, he and Renee
suddenly had a flash marriage. Their wedding took the entire Beach City by
Feeling bitter about her feelings that were not reciprocated, she decided to
study abroad.
A couple years back, she found out that Stefan and Renee had gotten divorced.
The incident gave her the courage to return to the country, where she would
pursue Stefan.
She spent as much time as she could around Stefan, gradually making him
accustomed to her, trust her, and depend on her… She was getting ready to
confess her feelings.
In the end, Renee came back.
It was obvious how much Seraphina hated Renee. Renee was practically the
thorn in the flesh for her.
This proved Renee’s hypothesis. She wasn’t overthinking because of her own
internal bias…
Unfortunately, these simple-minded men couldn’t sense this at all.
“Stefan, how’s it going between you and your ex-wife? You’re not planning to get
back together, are you?” Seraphina asked carefully while she
brushed oil against a skewer. She tried to make her question sound casual.
Stefan pursed his lips. He didn’t seem too chirpy, and he was flipping the
skewers without being fully present. “We’ve never been together. How do we get
back together?”
“That’s true. You didn’t marry out of love anyway. So many years were wasted.
It’s so unfair to you. Besides…” Seraphina stared at Xavier and Renee, who
were whispering to each other. “I think your ex-wife is a b*tch. Although you two
don’t have feelings for each other, you were once husband and wife. Why does
she seem so close to Xavier? What is she even thinking? Does she even care
about your feelings? I’m so upset… I want to beat her up!’
Stefan glanced at Renee. He flipped the skewers even more impatiently.” We’re
all free to do whatever we want. I don’t care what she does.”
“But Xavier and Shirley are still a couple. Doesn’t that make your ex-wife the
third wheel in their relationship? Even if she’s not doing you wrong, it’s not right
for Shirley. This isn’t morally acceptable… No way. I can’t control my temper. I
need to teach her a lesson!”
Seraphina rolled up her sleeves and prepared to go to war.
This was when Renee and Xavier started walking toward them.
“How’s the barbecue going? Do you need our help?” Xavier asked with a
“You two…” Stefan noticed how close Renee and Xavier seemed when they
stood next to each other. “You two seem to be getting along!


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