The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 656

Chapter 656
Xavier felt a little awkward. He felt the need to do some explaining.
Renee, on the other hand, nodded proudly. “Of course. Xavier and I shared
significant life experiences together and a similar outlook on life. We also have
the same hobbies. Of course, we get along well!”
“…” Stefan’s gaze turned cold. He pursed his lips and remained silent.
Seraphina hopped onto her feet and pointed at Renee. ’Miss Everheart, even if I
end up offending you, there are things I have to say. We’re both women. We
may be heartless, but there are still limits to what we should do. Don’t you think
you’re being a b*tch? You bring shame to all women!’
Enter title…
“Oh, why say so?’ Renee nearly laughed.
Seraphina was really good at this game. Renee hadn’t even exposed her for
being pretentious, and she already took the first move to defame Renee.
Just as she thought… Seraphina was as tough a woman as she was smart!
“You and Xavier were being too intimate just now. I don’t care what your
relationship with him is. If you’re a couple, where does that leave Stefan?
“Also, did you know that Xavier already has a girlfriend? If you get romantically
involved with him, that makes you the third wheel!” Seraphina exclaimed in a
righteous tone.
“Seraphina, actually…’ Xavier felt Seraphina was being a little too harsh. He
wanted to clarify things.
However, Renee didn’t seem bothered. “I wonder what makes you think Xavier
and I are romantically involved with each other.’
“That’s nonsense. You two seemed so close to each other. Your shoulders were
joined, and your faces were practically touching. I won’t believe for a second
that you’re not a couple!’ Seraphina intentionally used a masculine tone to
defame Renee. Other people couldn’t even point out her own mistake.
Stefan continued to flip the skewers while he spoke. “Just admit it if it’s true.
Don’t bother hiding it.’
Renee calmly wrapped her arm around Xavier’s shoulder. “Who says we’re a
couple? We’re the best of friends. Got it?”
Seraphina sneered. “Best of friends? Men and women can’t possibly be best
friends. Your body language says it all…’
“Is that so?” Renee’s gaze landed on Seraphina.
At that time, Seraphina’s body was very close to Stefan. They seemed very
Renee chuckled. “If that’s the case, you must be romantically involved with my
ex-husband too. From the looks of your body language, you two are even closer
than Xavier and I!’
“N-Nonsense!” Seraphina didn’t expect to shoot herself in the foot. Her cheeks
turned red. “Stefan and I are like siblings. How can you even compare us to
“Well, I can also say that Xavier and I are good friends. What’s so different
about that?”
“You…” Seraphina was suddenly at a loss for words.
She thought Renee was a weak young princess from a fallen family and ought
to be easy to deal with.
After the incident today, Seraphina realized that she’d underestimated her
enemy. In fact, she ended up putting herself in a passive state.
Feeling helpless, she acted like a tomboy by punching Stefan twice. ’ Stefan,
your ex-wife is being unreasonable. I can’t mess with her!”
“Don’t even bother trying to argue with her,” Stefan said coldly.


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