The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 658

Chapter 658
“Oww!!! It hurts!” A piece of hot charcoal landed on Seraphina’s foot and she
yelped in pain.
The men, who were chatting out in the open, heard the noise, and they all came
running. Everyone surrounded Seraphina.
“What happened? Why did the grill suddenly topple over? Were you two
roasting skewers or yourself?” Xavier was confused by the chaotic scene.
“Stop your sarcasm already. Can’t you see that I burned my foot? Hurry up and
help me out! What if it leaves a scar?” Seraphina grabbed her foot and clenched
her jaws. She was nearly crying.
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Moses risked taking a beating and continued to mock her. “It’s rare to see
Seraphina in such a weak state. The charcoal has really done justice for us! N
Seraphina swung her fist in his direction. “Moses, how could you say that? Just
you wait. I’m going to beat you up!”
Everyone quickly stopped her. They were all worried about her burned foot, and
everyone was focused on her.
Christopher silently observed for a moment. “Seraphina, your wound looks
serious. You should tend to it right away.”
“Exactly. Christopher, it hurts so bad…”
“Can you still walk?”
“I can’t. It hurts whenever I move. Forget about walking. Can anyone carry me?”
Seraphina didn’t even give anyone the chance to volunteer. She directly pointed
at Stefan. “Stefan, you and Christopher are the most reliable ones in the group.
I wouldn’t dare order Christopher around. That’s why you’ll have to carry me!”
Stefan was initially looking at Renee, and he couldn’t hide the look of concern in
his eyes.
It felt like he was caught cheating and quickly looked away. After that, he bent
over and grabbed Seraphina’s arm. “I’ll tend to your wound.”
The others nervously followed along.
Apart from Xavier, nobody else asked about Renee’s situation.
“Renee, are you sure you weren’t burned?” Xavier took a few steps before
turning around. He was a little worried.
“No.” Renee smiled and shook her head calmly.
“That’s great!” Xavier watched Stefan, and the others leave. His tone was
somewhat affectionate. “In that case, I’ll go and check on Seraphina. We’ll all be
in trouble if she gets upset. I’d better move quick!”
“Go ahead. I want to stay in the sun for a while.’ Renee urged Xavier to leave.
When she was finally alone, she couldn’t help but frown.
She carefully rolled her sleeves up. There was a patch of skin the size of an egg
on her left arm that was burned. It was just as bad as Seraphina’s foot.
“Damn! It hurts like hell!” She exclaimed through clenched jaws.
She was so unlucky today. Not only did Stefan blackmail her into staying for the
barbecue, but she even had to meet the crazy Seraphina and get scalded for no
Being around Stefan only ever brought her bad luck!
Renee hesitated. She was thinking if she should leave while the rest were away.
She’d then go to the nearest clinic to tend to her wound.
Suddenly, she was handed a tube of medicinal cream.


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