The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 660

Chapter 660
Renee didn’t go home after leaving the Hunt family’s mansion.
The ridiculous incident the night before, coupled with her burned arm, left her
feeling a little troubled. Undoubtedly, it had left her in a sour mood.
She decided to only return home after calming down so that Margaret and her
children wouldn’t worry.
After calling Margaret to let her know she was safe, she opened her contacts
and tried looking for someone she could vent to.
However, apart from Leia, she couldn’t find anyone else.
Enter title…
Thinking about how Seraphina was spoiled by everyone, she suddenly felt a
little jealous.
The worst part was that Leia had gone to Tahato for a vacation to get over her
recent break-up. She’d only return after two weeks at the very least.
While going through her contacts, she suddenly thought of someone. Her eyes
lit up instantly.
“That’s right. I can find him. He’s a professional at this!”
At eight in the evening, colorful lights came on all around the city. The wonderful
nightlife in the city had begun.
Renee had on a pair of black sunglasses and intricate makeup. Looking classy
and cool, she walked into The Blue Inn, where women came to be served.
As usual, the atmosphere in the glitzy bar was very hyped.
A group of young women crowded around a stage while they cheered for the
hot, dancing men above it.
Renee looked around the bar. She didn’t see Isaac, the most popular escort
She patted the shoulder of a girl who was dancing excitedly in front of her.” Will
Isaac be performing tonight?”
“Of course, Isaac is the most popular of the men of The Blue Inn. If he doesn’t
perform, how will The Blue Inn make any money? We’re all here for him… These
handsome guys are only the appetizer. They aren’t enough to satisfy us!”
Renee frowned. “Does he dance here every night?”
“He does. It’s quite a tiring job!’ A few other women also joined the conversation.
“I heard Isaac comes from a well-off family. He used to be a top student, but his
parents died young, and he ended up dancing out here. He even signed a
contract to sell himself to the bar so that he could financially support his younger
sister in her studies. He can’t leave even if he wants to
“Ahh. I can only blame myself for meeting someone I want to protect forever at
a time when I can’t afford to do it!”
“Isaac is too expensive. I can’t afford to look after him. I can only watch him
dance and buy a few more drinks to support him. Aaahhh!”
Renee couldn’t help but feel a sense of compassion after hearing all this.
“I didn’t expect Isaac to have such a sorrowful background despite being such a
cheerful person…” Renee made a brave decision on the spot.
She passed through the crowd and approached the bartender at the bar.”
Where’s your boss? I’d like to discuss business with him.”
The bartender looked Renee up and down. “You look like a rich woman. Our
boss likes people like you the most. I’ll bring you to him right away.” Renee
followed the bartender backstage.
The owner of the bar and a few other men were smoking on a couch.
“Hey, you’re here! Come here. Have a seat!”
The owner immediately stood up and welcomed Renee when he saw her.
Mr. Hunt had specifically instructed him to take good care of this esteemed
guest. They were always prepared to welcome Renee, and they had to
immediately inform Stefan should anything happen.
Renee had a strong presence. She sat down on the couch and cut to the chase.
“I heard Isaac sold himself to you. He can’t stop dancing even if he wants to. I
feel sorry for him. He’s still so young, but he’s already stuck here. I can’t bear to
watch someone with so much potential wasting his life away… which is why… I
want to find out how much it costs to free him.
Name your price!”


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