The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 661

Chapter 661
The pub owner likely didn’t expect Renee to be here to redeem the man’s
freedom and didn’t quite know what to do at that moment.
“Why are you hesitating? You’re asking them to dance and entertain the
customers to earn money, right? So what’s the difference if I make a full
payment?” Renee asked.
She knew money couldn’t solve everything, but it did, at least, have the ability to
solve most. At the very least, for greedy businesspeople like these, money was
their kryptonite.
Enter title…
“You are absolutely right, Miss Everheart. But we’d still have to think about this
matter thoroughly. Why don’t you wait for a bit while I discuss this with my
business partners? We’ll give you an answer shortly,” the pub owner said and
left the room.
Although it was her excuse to leave, she actually was reporting back to Stefan.
“Buy my freedom?” Stefan seemed intrigued upon hearing this.
After a short pause, he ordered the pub owner, “Tell her it’s possible, but there
would be terms….
“I understand! Don’t worry, Mr. Hunt, we will definitely do as you say.” The pub
owner quickly returned to the waiting room after receiving orders.
Renee was starting to feel quite impatient, urging. “So, how did it go? Can I end
his contract or not? Just give it to me straight.”
The pub owner replied, “I just asked our business partners, and they said it’s
possible. They even said they don’t need you to pay, but you’ll have to follow a
few rules.”
“They don’t need me to pay?” Renee felt quite surprised.
She thought to herself. ‘I didn’t expect the pub owner to be so virtuous to have
let go of such a great opportunity to earn!’
“Tell me about these rules,” Renee asked curiously.
“Firstly, Isaac is our star escort, as you know. He’s earned our pub a lot of
money, and we naturally treat him as family. That’s why you have to promise to
treat Isaac well after you’ve bought his freedom. You mustn’t let him suffer in the
Renee raised a brow. “Of course. I can do that.”
She was more than capable of handling another man’s living expenses, after all.
“Secondly, Isaac has… quite a bit of an ego. If you really do wish to provide for
him, you still mustn’t force him to do anything he doesn’t like…”
Renee felt speechless. “Don’t worry, I just felt pity toward him. I didn’t want a
young talent like him to be wasted in a pub, that’s all. I don’t intend on doing
anything to him.”
“Uhm, that’s actually not what we mean…” The pub owner explained. “You see,
Isaac has a habit of wearing a mask at all times. It is to protect the last bit of
dignity he has left. So if he is unwilling to take it off, you can’t force him to.’
“No problem. I like it more when he has his mask on anyway,” Renee replied
swiftly. After all, she actually preferred Isaac with his mask, as it gave her a
sense of familiarity and made her heart flutter.
“Looks like there’ll be no issues then! Once you’ve signed this contract, Isaac
will be yours, and you can do whatever you want with him.” The pub owner said
Renee hadn’t expected everything to go so smoothly. She then happily dialed
Isaac’s number, still holding the contract in hand.
“Hey, pretty boy, where are you? I prepared a surprise for you.”
“Oh really? I’m home, but I have to go to work soon.”
“Hold on. I’ll come over right now.”


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