The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 662

Chapter 662
Renee still remembered where the man lived, a cheap apartment near the pub.
She was initially in a bad mood earlier today, but after the accomplishment of
performing the good deed of ‘saving a young man’s future,’ her mood naturally
By following her memory, she arrived at Isaac’s apartment unit and rang the
A while later, the door swung open as Isaac walked out in a simple white shirt
and black formal pants. His handsome face was once again wearing his usual
Enter title…
white feather mask. He looked like he had been waiting for Renee for quite
“It’s been a while, my goddess. I thought you forgot about me…” The man’s
voice was gentle.
Renee instantly felt like spring had come and couldn’t help but lift the man by
the chin. She smiled and said, “How could I ever forget you, my little escort?
Your last hypnosis helped me get great rest! I’ve long wanted to have you do
that again to me, you know?”
“It really is an honor… Don’t worry, my goddess; I will give my all to you this time
so you may sleep better.”
“You’re too considerate; no wonder you’re so popular.” The more Renee looked
at him, the more her fondness for him grew.
‘Tsk tsk, handsome gentlemen are healing to the soul. Thinking back to how
cold Hunt was… Isaac is an absolute angel!’
Unfortunately, Renee likely wouldn’t have ever guessed that this absolute angel
was her terrible husband, who she hated so much.
After receiving a report from the pub owner, Stefan quickly rushed to Isaac’s
place and replaced him.
“Oh, pretty boy, I just so happened to find out about your sad past, and I felt
really bad. That’s why I decided I had to save you…” Renee said as she brought
out the contract, speaking in a confident tone. “Look at this. Do you like it?”
“Th… This is…?” Stefan took the contract obediently, pretending to read through
it. Suddenly, he turned away from her, his shoulders trembling slightly, acting
quite melancholic.
“What’s wrong? Are you so touched that you cried?” Renee patted the man on
the back, asking like a confident maneater. “You don’t have to thank me, I didn’t
even spend much. All I have to do is provide for you, and I can definitely do
“Provide for me?” Stefan slowly turned back and asked Renee, “So you’re going
to be my sugar mommy?”
“Awh, come on, don’t say it like that. You’re just having it rough right now and
lost your ability to make a living out of dancing. I’m just temporarily providing for
you, and once you’re back in university to finish your studies, you’d be able to
earn a proper job. And I won’t provide for you after that,” Renee said bashfully.
She knew that their current relationship was no different from a sugar baby and
a sugar mommy at this point. Moreover, she had no idea why she was being so
nice to the man.
In better terms, she was a kind person who just loved helping others in need.
In worse terms, she just felt oddly possessive towards Isaac and didn’t wish to
see any other woman lusting over his body.
It was likely that she started seeing Isaac as a substitute for Stefan.
However, this ‘Stefan Hunt’ was an idealized version instead, the version that
would be gentle and warm towards her. She placed this ‘Stefan’ on a pedestal
and was unwilling to let anyone taint this lovely being.
“Yeah, you know I lost my dancing career because of you, and I’m nothing but a
poor peasant now! You’ll have to take responsibility for me, or I might actually
starve to death!” Stefan said as he quickly embraced Renee with a pitiful
expression on his face.
“I offended the boss lady because of you, and no one dared to hire me
anymore. The Blue Inn was the only reason I was able to earn a living, but now
that you’ve bought my freedom, I can’t even go back there! I can only follow
you, so please never abandon me!”
Renee patted the man on the back, comforting him as if he were her lover.”
Don’t worry, I bought your contract, so I’d naturally take good care of you.”
“But… won’t your husband get mad at you? I heard that Stefan Hunt from H
Group could get extremely jealous at times. Aren’t you worried he might explode
at you after finding out you’re taking care of another man?” Stefan asked,
hoping to test what she really thought about him.
He was rather curious as to what he meant to the woman right then.


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