The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 664

Chapter 664
Stefan was still concentrating on treating her wounds, whereas Renee’s free hand caressed his head all of a
sudden, like petting a dog.
“Can I ask you a question, pretty boy?” Renee asked as she brushed through Stefan’s hair gently.
The man froze and lifted his gaze, looking at the woman who wore an odd expression, slightly alarmed. “What is
“Oh come on, don’t be so nervous, it’s not like I’m going to eat you up…” Renee’s face flushed as she collected
herself before being completely straightforward with him. “I’d just like to know if you’re really experienced with love,
since you’re such a popular star, especially… you know, that type of experience? Like, are you super good at it?!”
“What type?”
“We’re all adults here, so don’t play dumb with me now. Of course, I’m talking about s*x!’ Renee didn’t want to beat
around the bush and came forth.
That was because she felt like she could be her true self in front of Isaac. She could say anything on her mind, and
she didn’t need to hide.
“Why are you even asking about that all of a sudden?!” Stefan quickly furrowed his brows, his lips frowned coldly,
visibly upset.
Enter title…
‘What is this woman thinking?! How could she ask a lowly pub escort such a private question?! Could she be still
under the effects of the drug and wanted to find a professional to get some release?’
“Hey, don’t misunderstand my intentions. I just think you have experience, and I have a few questions for you
professionals,” Renee explained earnestly.
Although she was twenty-seven, her experience with love had only been with Stefan. She had even less
intercourse experience, despite going into her thirties, as she had also only ever done it with that man.
Hence, she really wanted to know if she was still longing for Stefan because she had too little experience in love.
She wanted to know if her emotions had indeed been so drastically affected by him… because she lacked
experience in intercourse.
“Is that so…” Stefan’s expression softened lightly, which then turned into intrigue. “So tell me, what are these
“Well… Aha, it’s a little awkward.” Renee shed her usual nonchalant attitude and started acting like a young
teenager in love. Her fair cheeks were painted in a shade of red as she bashfully continued.
“I don’t have a lot of experience in dating. If we exclude my ex-husband from this equation, I basically never dated
anyone, let alone… do that. So I’d just like to know if it feels the same doing it with different people?”
“And… I keep thinking about how I felt with my ex-husband. Could it be because I don’t have another person for
reference? Am I just lacking in experience?”
Hearing this, Stefan felt extremely conflicted. He was just troubled and happy at the same time.
He was happy that the woman still had feelings towards him despite her cold, hostile demeanor. However, he was
troubled at the fact that he didn’t have any wisdom to share, as he had only ever been intimate with Renee alone.
“So you’re saying you’re still thinking about your husband?” Stefan asked with interest.
“Of course I am. He’s my first love, after all, and it’s different.” Renee faced her true feelings towards this head-on,
answering truthfully.
She didn’t want to deny the fact that Stefan did hold an important place in her heart. However, that didn’t
necessarily mean that they had a chance to get back together.
After all, being unable to move on was far different than still loving them wholeheartedly.
Stefan’s heart instantly felt like it was experiencing large waves, thumping with glee.


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