The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 666

Chapter 666
Renee seemed to be eager to learn and gained the courage to continue on under the man’s guidance.
The air was filled with s*xual tension, with only their panting audible through the quiet room. The atmosphere felt
so hot that it could boil like water.
Just as the two were about to take it to the next step, Renee restrained herself with the last bit of rationality she
had left.
“No! We can’t!” The woman stopped giving into Stefan’s advances with sheer will, pushing him away as hard as
she could.
Her lips were now reddened as a result of their experiment. The warm lighting made her look quite attractive in this
Naturally, Stefan’s lips were no better than hers-there were still a few visible marks left by Renee, after all—
evidence clearly showing all the inappropriate things that they had just done.
“This is… just too much! What have we done?!” Renee covered her face with both hands and whined, unable to
face the man. “I’m so sorry, Isaac. I Was too reckless, I’ve tainted you! I’m a monster, I treated you like a lab rat!
For a moment there, I forgot that you’re a person with dignity!”
Stefan, however, was still in a daze from the passionate kiss. His eyes were filled with pure lust, as he questioned
the woman. “Why are we stopping… Didn’t I say I’ve decided to dedicate my life to serving you?”
Enter title…
He then grabbed her arm forcefully, making her look him in the eye. “Was my kissing not enough to make you
swoon? Or do you think my techniques are too hard to learn?”
After that, he just couldn’t help but inch closer to her, trying to reach for her lips again. “I promise I’ll be more
patient this time…”
“Stop fooling around!” Renee turned away and took a deep breath. Her expression was bitter. “It has nothing to do
with you, and your techniques are great, as expected of a professional. I just can’t give you enough praise. H
“Then why?”
“I couldn’t get past myself…” Renee closed her eyes as she remembered how she felt just now.
She had to admit that was indeed flustered during Isaac’s lessons.
However, she didn’t dare to say that she was thinking about Stefan the whole time…
With that being the case, she really did see Isaac as a substitute for Stefan, and she found it unfair to him.
“We’re both currently single. There’s really nothing wrong even if we end up doing the deed. So I’m curious, what
are you so worried about?” Stefan distanced himself and asked calmly.
“I’ll be honest with you. I thought about my ex-husband while we were kissing. I can always somehow find traces
of him in you. Sometimes, I’d even use you as his substitute. I’m such a horrible person, and this is just too unfair
to you…” Renee finally revealed the truth in her heart.
Talking to Isaac was far different from talking to Stefan, as she didn’t have to keep secrets from him. On the
contrary, she couldn’t bring herself to say anything when facing Stefan.
“You thought of your ex-husband?” Stefan raised an eyebrow and teased,” So does that mean you still love your
ex-husband? Do you wish to get back together with him?”
“Nope!” Renee’s expression was determined. “Our relationship is over, and we can’t cross that bridge again. We
can’t possibly start over.”
“Then do you still love him?” Stefan questioned once more.
Renee fell silent for a little, then shook her head. “All I can say is that I used to love him a lot. I loved him so much
that I lost my sense of self. I tried to turn myself into someone he would like…
“But loving someone way too much is bound to lead to suffering. I don’t want to suffer anymore, I just want to love
someone who loves me just as much. If I can’t, then being single sounds pretty great too! I wouldn’t have to worry


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