The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 667

Chapter 667
The woman’s words put Stefan into deep thought. ‘Yeah, she’s right. Being single gives you fewer worries for sure.’
As someone who was usually more rational and collected, he knew that he shouldn’t allow himself to fall deep into
this pit called love. He shouldn’t allow himself to lose control.
As Renee’s burns were nearly healed, she returned to her own apartment.
Her children missed her very much, to the point they didn’t want to let go of her.
“Mommy, you’ve been working so hard lately! You haven’t been home for days. Adie and I feel so bad for you.
Here, let me give you a massage…” Abby said as she started massaging Renee’s shoulders and legs.
Although the little one didn’t have much strength, Renee still found it quite relaxing.
“Mommy’s having it so hard right now. Looks like I can’t delay my plan any longer!” Aiden frowned and spoke in a
serious tone, looking like a carbon copy of his father.
At the time, Renee lay on the couch, eating some fruit slices while enjoying Abby’s massage services.
Hearing Aiden’s words, she sat up straight and asked, “What’s your plan?”
“A plan to find you a husband!”
“Pfft!” Renee burst out in laughter. “So, did you find anyone? It’s been a while since you started looking, right?”
Enter title…
“Didn’t I tell you? Mr. Q has already passed all my tests. I plan on setting a time and place so you two can meet.
Once he becomes your husband, he can take care of you and lessen your burden. Then you wouldn’t have to
work so much…” Aiden replied.
He had always been quite thorough with his plans. After putting Mr. Q through so many tests, he could tell that the
man would be an excellent husband and father.
“Tomorrow night it is, then! We can take you to Carmine Pawnshop after school. You can talk to each other and
see how it goes,” Aiden continued as he took out his smart watch and dialed Mr. Q’s number.
“Q, are you free tomorrow night? I’m bringing my mommy over to see you…”
“You have time, right? It’s a date, then! See you tomorrow night.”
Renee was in absolute shock, nearly choking on her saliva. “Uhm, so you were serious about this, huh?”
She underestimated just how efficient Aiden was. She didn’t expect him to find her a husband just because he said
he would.
Not only that, the candidate he found was the infamously terrifying Night Demon.
“Of course! When have I ever lied to you. Mommy?” Aiden patted himself on the chest, visibly confident. “Don’t
worry, Mommy. Q really is a good person! Abby and I are pretty close with him now, so we can go to the pawnshop
any time we want! He’s already started treating us like his own. He can definitely be a good husband!”
“Yeah, Mommy, Uncle Q treats me and Adie very well! He’s a good person!”
Seeing how much praise her kids had for this evil man, Renee felt extremely conflicted.
“You two are just too young. Just you wait… I’ll make him reveal his true colors!’ Renee had decided to meet up
with Mr. Q.
However, it wasn’t for the blind date. She would be there to wage war.


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