The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 668

Chapter 668
When night fell, Renee drove to Carmine Pawnshop in Water Dock, bringing Abby and Adie with her, as planned.
Compared to the ‘thrilling’ experience she had last time, her entire way there was a rather smooth affair, as if
someone had cleared the way for her. Many of the people there were strangely courteous, while some even
handed her bouquets of flowers. They were close to putting out a red carpet for her.
“Huh, this is weird. Did they have a change of heart or something? What happened to those vicious people? Why
are they so gentle and kind now?” Renee asked under her breath as she looked towards the flower necklace
around her neck, visibly confused.
Aiden was in the back seat, showing a knowing look as he pointed out the obvious. “That’s because they see you
as their queen now! Of course, they’d have to give their queen the best treatment they can provide.”
“What queen? I don’t even know them! It’s not like we’re in a movie!’
“You don’t have to know who they are. You just need to know who Q is!” Aiden explained with a serious face. “Q is
their king, and they listen to his every order. As Q’s future wife, you’re now their queen!”
“I already had Q inform them beforehand about you, so they probably worship you at this point…”
“What?!” Renee shrieked, holding onto the steering wheel angrily. “Aiden Everheart, how could you have done this
to your mother?! You sold me off to some random guy?! When have I ever said I wanted to be his wife!!”
Enter title…
“It’s okay! You can just spend more time with each other! Q is really nice. You’ll definitely like him, so it’s just a
matter of time till you become his wife.” Aiden snapped his fingers confidently. He truly believed in the taste of both
his own and his sister’s.
Abby nodded profusely, speaking in a sweet tone. “Mommy, me, and Adie are already Uncle Q’s children now!
We’re just waiting for you to be his wife! Then we can be one big happy family!”
Renee fell speechless, thinking to herself. ‘Oh god, I’ve raised my beautiful children for four years, yet they were
coaxed by a well-known villain?!’
‘Was I a failure, or was this cunning guy too great of an actor?’
‘Fine then, I’ll just have to find a way to show the kids who he truly is tonight!’
Under a warm welcome, Renee finally arrived at the prime location of Water Dock, the Carmine Pawnshop.
Chase was already waiting at the entrance with an elegant smile. “Miss Everheart, you’re on time. Our boss
actually thought you’d stand him up!”
“Well, I won’t go that far.” Renee then peeked inside and asked, “So, where’s your boss?”
“I know, I know!” The two kids jumped with joy, raising their hands.
Adie said, “Q must be preparing yummy food for us in the kitchen!’
Chase smiled and gave the children a thumbs up. “You’re so smart! No wonder Boss likes you so much. You know
him so well that it feels like you’re his children.”
Abby’s beautiful doe eyes blinked sweetly as she grabbed Chase’s hand.” Uncle Chase, I want to see Daddy Q
cook! Can you take us to him?”
‘She’s calling him Daddy Q now?!’ Renee felt helpless, putting her palm to her forehead. ‘Abby is so naive and
easily manipulated! She might even help scammers scam herself at one point!’
‘Tsk tsk, looks like I have to unmask this Night Demon as soon as possible so that I can teach these two a valuable
lesson on trust!’
“Follow me then. I’m sure Mr. Q will be happy to let you watch him work his magic in the kitchen,’ the man said as
he brought the three to the kitchen within the pawnshop.
Within the spacious, clean kitchen was Mr. Q’s tall figure standing before the counter. He seemed to be focused on
marinating a grouper.
Emanating the aura of a delicate craftsman, he could’ve easily passed off as a famous chef in the city from a


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