The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 671

Chapter 671
With that thought, a chill ran down Renee’s back as she considered her options
There was no movement inside the house as if the cries for help had just been
Renee’s imagination.
“Okay. I know you’re scared. You don’t have to answer me. I’ll kick the door
open and get you out. All you need to do is expose the ugly side of that guy to
my two children after this!”
As Renee said this, she prepared her hands, reaching out to break down the
Enter title…
Suddenly, a deadly vibe burst out from behind her, and someone reached out to
catch her wrist in a deadly grip, freezing her completely in her tracks.
“Why are you in the restricted area of the shop?”
The man’s low voice gave off an eerie chill as it resounded from above her
Renee turned around to see Mr. Q standing behind her with a cold look on his
In the darkness of the night, the name ‘Night Demon,’ coupled with the black
mask he wore, really suited his image.
Though Renee was not a coward, she was still in someone’s territory, not to
mention the man was also notoriously known as a villain.
With that, she sensible loosened her stance and awkwardly laughed,” Haha…
Weren’t you cooking, Mr. Q? Why did you suddenly stop and appear behind
me? You scared me!”
“I’m done cooking, so I came to see where you were…” Mr. Q said and pursed
his lips.
There was a strong, cold, and oppressing air around him, and he slowly
approached Renee and asked, “You look a little guilty, hmm?”
“You’re joking! I just visited these pavilions and marveled at your breathtaking
financial prowess. Why should I be feeling guilty?” Renee said stiffly.
“Didn’t Chase tell you the price of randomly walking around Carmine
Mr. Q still held Renee’s wrist, and though his voice was soft and calm, it carried
a terrifying undertone.
“W-what is it?” Renee asked cautiously.
“Those who trespass into the restricted area will be locked in here and never
Every word Mr. Q said was like announcing a death sentence to Renee.
“Never leave?”
Renee was initially fearful, but she couldn’t help but burst out laughing when she
heard those words. She didn’t care about her reputation at the moment and
simply laughed.
Mr. Q’s expression turn colder as he asked in a dangerous tone, “Why are you
“Don’t you think those words are very funny? Are you shooting a movie? Never
leave? Why don’t you just say never reincarnate?”
After Renee stopped laughing and calmed down, she turned serious and fired
up again.
“Yeah, I trespassed into the restricted area of your shop. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t
have known what a dignified jerk you were!’
The air around Mr. Q dipped lower, and he pulled Renee into his arms with a
yank. “I’ve never been dignified, nor have I ever been a good guy. I’m a
notorious villain. Didn’t you already know that from the start?”
Renee didn’t expect the man to be this honest, so she was at a loss for words.
She quickly gathered her thoughts and shot back angrily, “In that case, stay
away from my children! I don’t know what kind of enchantment you put on them,
but they like you a lot, so what are your intentions?!”
“I told you. I like the two children. I want the two children,” Mr. Q said it so
matter-of-factly that Renee, as their mother, felt that she was the one
unreasonable, i
“l-if you like children, just make some yourself!”
“With you?”
Mr. Q’s lips suddenly curled up in a smirk. “That sounds like a wonderful


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