The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 672

Chapter 672
Renee suddenly felt a chill run up her spine as she shoved Mr. Q away and
coldly. “There’s something wrong with your head, isn’t there? How could you
joke about something like this? I’ll cut you down if you do it again!’
Even though her financial strength may not compare to his, she could definitely
subdue him in a matter of minutes. If he forced her hand, she wasn’t about to
show him any mercy!
Mr. Q approached Renee again with a solemn expression as he said seriously, ‘I
never joke. To have given birth to two lovely children like Adie and Abby, I’m
sure you have good genes. It’s barely worthy of me, but I’m sure if we come
Enter title…
together, we can give birth to a child more perfect than the two. Are you sure
you don’t want to try?”
Renee didn’t buy it at all. She made a throwing-up motion before shooting back
sharply, “Please get this straight. Children aren’t the product of just one parent.
That’s impossible! My children are great, maybe because they got my perfect
genes, and their father’s genes are also very strong! You, on the other hand, are
far worse than him, okay?! Don’t be so confident in yourself!”
“Haha!” The man laughed before saying vaguely, “So, you’re also aware that
children are not the product of a single person?”
Of course! Are you saying that you alone or I alone can give birth to a child? M
Renee thought this man was strange and full of nonsense!
“In that case, why not let your children meet with their father? You deprived
them of their father’s love, and you didn’t even think to ask for their opinion?
Aren’t you being selfish?”
Mr. Q’s tone had a little anger in it, but also a hint of heart ache for the two
“What’s it to you?”
Renee looked at the man warily and said, “Didn’t I already tell you that their
father is a scumbag and dead? There’s no need to tell them anymore because
of that! It’s enough that they have a perfect mother like me!”
“Then tell me, who is Adie and Abb/s father? Let me be the judge of his genes
and compare whether his or mine is superior!”
Mr. Q insisted aggressively that Renee confess everything to him. Renee found
it ridiculous and retorted rudely, “That’s my personal affairs! Why should I tell
you? Moreover, the so-called superiority or inferiority is relative. If I think he’s
better, then he is! There’s no need for you to judge!”
The man stared at Renee for a long time. After thinking about it, confusion
flashed in his eyes, and he shook his head.
“Woman, I really don’t understand you. One moment you say the children’s
father is scum, and the next moment you’re so protective of him. Can I
understand why? Is it because you still love the children’s father that you can’t
accept anyone else in your heart?”
“No!” Renee exclaimed before she gritted her teeth and said, “I can’t hate him
enough, so how could I love him?!”
“Then, prove it to me…”
Mr. Q caught Renee’s wrist again and pinned her against the door. He lowered
his head to her ear and said, “Accept me and prove that you’ve forgotten him.”
“No way!”
Renee was inexplicably nervous, and she felt short of breath. Her cheeks were
flushed, and she hissed through gritted teeth, “Just because I don’t love him
doesn’t mean I have to accept you. Both of you are short! Why do I have to pick
between two bad men? Besides… there’s one aspect which he definitely wins
over you!”
“Oh?” Mr. Q’s lips curled into a playful smirk as he asked curiously, “What is it?”
“His appearance is better than yours! He’s more handsome!” Renee confessed
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