The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 673

Chapter 673
Back then, when Renee had fallen in love with Stefan at first sight, wasn’t it also
because of his appearance? If he didn’t have that handsome face of his, she
wouldn’t have foolishly waited for him for four years, and she likely wouldn’t
have agreed to marry him.
That’s why being obsessed with appearances only called for bad luck. Despite
that, she was a die-hard lover of outward looks, even now!
“I see…” Mr. Q said with a sigh as disappointment streaked across his face. “If
that’s the reason, then I really can’t compare. I used to be very handsome, but
Enter title…
unfortunately, I’m disfigured now. The scar on my face… let’s not even mention
others; even I can’t stand the sight of it!”
Renee couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy upon seeing the proud and
arrogant man suddenly become so self-deprecating and downtrodden,
She forced a smile on her face and comforted him, “Hey, it’s okay. Men don’t
have to rely on looks to get a wife, you know? The treasures in your collection
alone are enough to buy you ten wives. You can have as many children as you
want with them too!’
“No!” Mr. Q said seriously. “You’ve piqued my interest. I want to marry you and
have cute children like Adie and Abby with you. No other woman can take your
place. If you marry me, you don’t have to return the money to me, and all the
treasures in Carmine Pawnshop will be yours. Deal?”
“Sigh. Why are you so stubborn? I told you that I’m a sucker for good looks!
Why don’t you find someone who isn’t as concerned as looks like me?” Renee
refused exasperatedly.
In fact, the man’s conditions were sincere and tempting, and her children liked
him so much that they even saw him as their father. It wouldn’t be such a bad
outcome if she agreed to marry him.
But… Deep inside her heart, there was still a wall. She couldn’t bring herself to
accept anyone as her husband except for a certain man.
“Sucker for good looks…”
Mr. Q suddenly became angry and slammed his fist on the wall.
“It’s all Stefan’s fault! If he hadn’t cut my face with a knife back then, I wouldn’t
need to wear a mask like this! I’ve decided to get back at him! I’m going to cut
his face in the same manner, so he’ll also have a taste of what it’s like to be
”N-no! Don’t do that!” Renee hurriedly tried to discourage him. “You two have
fought for so long, and it was so tough to call for a truce, so don’t repeat the
same mistake. In case you fail, he’ll not only disfigure you but break your limbs
and ruin your career! It’s not worth it!”
“You’re so panicky. Are you afraid that I would really ruin Stefan’s face?” Mr. Q
asked. “You’re Stefan’s ex-wife, so could your two children be his flesh and
blood? I was wondering why Adie looked so familiar… He’s actually Stefan’s
“No!” Renee vehemently denied it. “I’m not an idiot. Since I’ve already divorced
him, why would I have his children? I’m not that free… I still have to care for my
own children, okay?’
“Who knows? Perhaps you loved him so much that even after he divorced you,
you still want to keep something of his,” Mr. Q pressed further, leaving Renee
unsure how to respond.
She exploded in frustration, “Stop guessing pointlessly! Who are you to pry into
my privacy? You’re not a good person! I will call the kids here to let them see
how awful you are! I also won’t turn a blind eye to your imprisoning of young
Just as Renee was about to call out to her children. Chase brought them over.
“Adie, Abby, you both came at the right time! This man that you repeatedly
claimed to be good… I’ll let you see his true colors!


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