The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 674

Chapter 674
Aiden and Abigail blinked their big, innocent eyes and immediately jumped to
Mr. Q’s defense.
“Mommy, you must have misunderstood Daddy Q! He’s the most gentle and
kind person I’ve ever met besides Daddy Liam! How could he be a bad guy?”
“Abby is right!” Aiden said as he rubbed his chin, a serious expression on his
face. “I introduce Mr. Q to you as a husband candidate after careful
consideration. You may not believe in my sister’s judgment, but you must
believe in my intelligence.”
“Well…” Renee was momentarily speechless.
Enter title…
Disregarding everything else, Aiden’s intelligence was truly unbeatable.
Anyone who passed his assessment was either a super intelligent person who
could beat Aiden, or genuinely a good person.
Currently, Mr. Q didn’t seem like a good person at all. That meant his
intelligence must be extremely high to have the two little children be so obedient
to him.
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me. Once I kick down this door, you’ll
understand my good intentions.”
Renee didn’t want to keep going around in circles and decided to let the facts
speak for themselves.
Tightening her fists, she stretched her legs and gathered all her strength before
fiercely kicking the door.
As she kicked down the door, she gestured for the two children to back away.
“Back up a little, you two. I don’t know how depraved this villain is. There may
be something inappropriate behind this, so it’s best to stay back than risk getting
traumatized by anything here!”
The two children were a little scared after hearing her words, and they hid
behind Mr. Q and cautiously peeked around him to stare at the door.
Embarrassingly, Renee attacked the door for a long time, but it didn’t even
budge a single inch. She was exhausted from her efforts after a while. She
couldn’t understand why, as it was only a small wooden door. She should have
been able to break it with her strength.
“Are you tired? Do you want to rest for a while?” Mr. Q asked “kindly” as his lips
curled up slightly as if he were an outsider detached from this situation.
“Shove that fake kindness away! I can definitely break this door into pieces! ”
Renee shot back and wiped away her sweat as she prepared to exert herself
Mr. Q suddenly said coldly, “Perhaps it’s best if you save your strength. This
door is made of authentic Zambawi birch wood, which is harder than even iron.
Even if you kick non-stop until tomorrow, you won’t be able to damage it.”
“So that’s it!” Renee exclaimed, then frowned at the man. “You’re really sick,
aren’t you? Choosing this kind of wood as a door to ensure that the people
inside wouldn’t have a chance to escape. What kind of illegal things are you
doing here? Aren’t you afraid of encountering ghosts at night for doing so many
bad things?”
Renee had already imagined a tragic situation of the tortured girls behind this
door and was convinced that more than one girl was being held here for torture!
Mr. Q hadn’t refuted any of her accusations either and simply smiled and said,
“If you really can’t break it down, you can ask Chase for the key to open it
“Hah! Drop that innocent act! The evidence of your crimes are hidden inside
here. Once it’s opened, your hypocritical act will be up! Do you dare open it?”
“I haven’t done anything wrong, so there’s nothing I wouldn’t dare about it,” Mr.
Q replied, then paused before adding, “However, the rule of Carmine Pawnshop
is that the restricted area is not a place where one can casually enter. You broke
a rule and must be punished.”
Renee, who was in an extremely stubborn mood right now, said, “If you dare
open this door, I’m willing to accept the punishment. I’m not unreasonable, after
Mr. Q turned to Chase and said, “Open the door for her.”
“But boss, isn’t it inappropriate to do so? I’m afraid that guy will go crazy and
scare the kids…” Chase trailed off, looking toward the door but making no move
to approach it.
At the same time, he also thought Mr. Q was acting strange. Why would he
indulge this woman so much and let her take charge of the situation like this?
“Hah! Look at that! You’re guilty, aren’t you? I told you something unusual is
going on here!”


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