The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 675

Chapter 675
After hearing Chase’s words, Renee became even more confident of her
suspicions. She quickly pulled her two children aside and warned them,” Close
your eyes first. Wait until I confirm that there’s nothing inside there that’s
inappropriate for children, and you can open your eyes.”
Then, Renee turned to Mr. Q and said, “You don’t have to open the door. I’m not
interested in your perverted things. As long as you admit before my children that
you’re a bad guy and promise to stay away from them in the future, that’s
Enter title…
Renee had considered many things and was worried that the pervert would
attack indiscriminately if he were exposed, so she planned to take her children
away before figuring out how to save whoever was inside the room.
Mr. Q ignored her and ordered Chase again, “I said to open the door. Didn’t you
hear me?”
Even though Chase was visibly unhappy, he didn’t dare disobey a direct order
from his boss. He pulled out the key and opened the door.
“Watch out!” Renee stepped back instinctively with her two children.
However, there was no movement inside the room for a long time.
“Don’t hide anymore. You’ve been clamoring to come out, so come on out and
let Miss Everheart see how ‘bad’ our boss really is,” Chase said, calling out into
the room.
The lighting inside the room was poor, and it was impossible to see what was
happening. Still, there was no movement even after Chase had spoken.
Then, Mr. Q spoke in a cold and threatening tone, ‘Come out!”
Only then did a woman cautiously appear.
The woman was dressed plainly, and her hair was messy. She was thin, and her
sunken eye sockets made her look like a skeleton. However, she was much
more presentable than Renee had imagined.
“W-who… are you?”
Renee felt that the woman was a little familiar.
“You can leave now if you want, but don’t come crying to us for help when you
have nowhere to go!” Chase said as he glared at the woman angrily, feeling
both pity and fury at her.
“I remember now! You’re that con artist I met before!” Renee exclaimed, pointing
at the woman as the realization struck her.
The woman looked at Renee and then lowered her head. Choking back tears,
she said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Q. I was wrong. Thank you for giving me a chance to
turn my life around. I thought about it and decided to continue staying in this
room. I don’t want to leave!”
Seeing the woman about to return to the small dark room, Renee quickly
stopped her and said, “This guy must have threatened you, so you’re afraid to
resist, right? Don’t be scared. I’ll help you! I’ll make sure he faces legal
consequences for his crimes!”
Since things have reached this point, Renee naturally wouldn’t give up on the
chance to expose Mr. Q’s true colors.
“Legal consequences?”
The woman looked up with an incredulous expression.
“Mr. Q is such a good person! How could he have committed any crimes? If not
for him, I would have died long ago, and my son would have starved to death. It
was my fault for stealing from his pawnshop, but he didn’t punish me. In fact, he
saved me!”
“What?!” Renee looked at the woman in disbelief. She reached out to grasp her
shoulders as if trying to give her strength. “I told you, you don’t have to be
afraid. He’s a bad person, and I need you to come forward to expose him.
Otherwise, who knows what he’d do to my children!”
“But Mr. Q really isn’t a bad person. Although there are a lot of ugly rumors out
there about him, they remain nothing but rumors! Those hypocrites tried to
slander him… Don’t believe a word they say!”
“But if he’s so good, why did he lock you up in this small, dark room? Are you a


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