The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 677

Chapter 677
‘ Mommy, Daddy Q has been busy all night. Do you know what he’s doing?’
Abigail asked Renee in a soft and gentle voice.
The comers of Renee’s eyes were slightly red, and she asked hoarsely,” What
was he busy with?”
“You’ll find out if you come with us!” Abigail said mysteriously. She led Renee to
the observation deck on the second floor of the shop.
The observation deck was built by the seaside at the junction of the three
countries, and the view up there was breathtaking.
Enter title…
“Abby, why did you bring me here?” Renee asked in confusion as she looked up
at the stars in the sky.
Abigail smiled mysteriously and asked, “Do you know what day it is, Mommy?”
“Huh? The day? Uh… the weekend?” Renee answered with a puzzled look on
her face.
“It’s the ninth of August, which is your birthday, silly Mommy!” Abigail said
“Today… is the ninth of August?” Renee suddenly realized.
Today was her birthday!
“Look behind you, Mommy!”
Renee turned, following Abigail’s finger, seeing Chase pushing a three-layer
cake towards her.
The beautiful cake had been meticulously crafted in the shape of a little lion,
and captivating and romantic sparklers had been lit on it.
Mr. Q stood beside her and said indifferently, “The kids told me it was your
birthday today, so I called them over to make this cake for you. Those born in
August are Leos, so it’s no wonder you have such a fiery temper. If I had arrived
any later, you might have gotten the police called and taken me away to the
Renee scratched her head, feeling like her face was about to catch fire, not to
mention it was as red as a tomato.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you to be so thoughtful.”
Mr. Q joked somewhat half-heartedly, “Fire signs are known for being silly, and
Leos are recognized as the second most stubborn sign. No sign dares to claim
themselves as the most stubborn one, though.”
Renee was confused. Could someone tell her why the mighty “Night Demon ”
was talking to her so seriously about astrology?!
As the saying goes, people can’t judge a book by its cover, and the sea can’t be
At the same time, dazzling fireworks began to burst into the night sky,
illuminating it with the formations of the Leo constellation.
“Wow! That’s absolutely stunning! Daddy Q set off these fireworks for Mommy!
How romantic!” Abigail exclaimed in a high-pitched voice as she jumped up and
down while looking at the brightly lit sky.
On the other hand, Aiden acted like a mature adult and simply gave Mr. Q a
thumbs up.
All in all, it seemed Mr. Q was quite a decent man. He set off fireworks because
he knew Renee loved a romantic atmosphere. For this level of insight, Aiden
would give him another ten points!
“It’s beautiful!”
Renee’s bright eyes were filled with a radiant glow as the clusters of fireworks
reflected in them, completely immersed in the romantic atmosphere.
She didn’t notice Mr. Q slowly approaching her before whispering in her ear,
“Are you ready to accept my punishment?


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