The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 678

Chapter 678
Renee snapped out of her immersion immediately and turned around to face the
man with a guarded look.
“What are you going to do?” Renee asked.
“It’s simple!” Mr. Q continued whispering in her ear. “Last time, I asked you to let
me take Abby as my goddaughter before reclaiming Sun Island. Now I want to
add on to that…”
“What do you want to add? You can’t possibly want my son as your godson
Enter title…
“That’s not all!” Mr. Q grinned and continued whispering, “I want Abby to be my
goddaughter, Adie to be my godson, and you… to be mine.”
“You’re insane!’ Renee jumped away from him as quickly as a lightning bolt,
standing warily as if facing a fierce beast. “I knew it! You’re like the weasel who
pretended to pay homage to the chicken so that it could steal food! You only
have bad intentions!
“I knew you were too good to be true! You made my favorite food, baked a cake
with the kids, and even set off fireworks for my birthday… It turns out you were
just waiting for this! You’re so greedy, taking advantage of me and my kids like
Mr. Q stood with his hands in his pockets as Renee ranted, facing her
accusations with calmness and poise that exuded a majestic aura.
He leaned against the observation deck railing as he watched the fireworks
blooming in the sky and sneered, “Haha… I don’t have any bad intentions. Miss
Everheart, do you think I did all these things, went so far out of my way, and
acted in ways that were completely inconsistent with my reputation just to take
advantage of you? What do you think my motives are? What do you think I
“How the hell would I know?’ Renee shot back. She was obviously perplexed,
and she couldn’t guess what the man’s motives were.
Was he after her money? But he was way wealthier than her.
Was he after her two children? But who would willingly take on the responsibility
of a parent like that?
Was it… her beauty? But with his status and wealth, he could have any woman
he wanted. There was no need for him to pursue a stubborn mule like her.
“Is it so unthinkable that I simply want you and your children? That I want to
build a family with you, protect you from all the trouble around you, and keep
you safe?”
Mr. Q fixed his gaze on Renee, looking into her eyes with a somewhat serious
Renee was stunned momentarily, and the deepest part of her heart was
undoubtedly touched.
No woman in the world would remain unmoved by such words. Even the
strongest woman would hope to have a man that could be their shelter,
protecting them from everything and taking care of them for the rest of their
Renee’s grandfather had once said that Stefan was the man who could be her
shelter and protect her forever.
She had believed it but was then burned badly for her belief.
Now, hearing such words again, she was moved, but her mind was also clear,
which meant she wouldn’t believe them so easily anymore.
Renee hugged herself and said wistfully, ‘Mr. Q, I guess you’ve had a lot of time
on your hands lately, huh? Have you been watching too many cheesy romantic
soap operas, and that’s why you’re saying such cheesy lines?”
“Let’s just consider me as a domineering CEO who wants to act out a cliche
The man was like a warrior constantly attacking a battlefield, relentlessly trying
to break down Renee’s defenses.
“Give it a try. Use Sun Island’s reclamation as a deadline. It’s also a way to be
accountable to those kids. Otherwise, those troublemakers won’t relent so easily
and will only end up giving you more headaches.”
“That’s true. They keep insisting on matching me with you. I still don’t know what
they see in you,” Renee retorted.
“Perhaps he simply thinks I fit his image of a perfect father,” Mr. Q replied.


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