The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 679

Chapter 679
“Stop being so full of yourself. The way I see it, Adie is interested in you
because you and Stefan are enemies. So, the enemy of his enemy is his friend.”
Renee considered inwardly whether or not to go along with Mr. Q’s proposal and
pretend to be a loving couple with him to fulfill the wishes of her two children.
If he was a good man, having one more person to love her two children wouldn’t
be a bad thing.
If he were a bad man, however, he would eventually reveal his true colors, and
the two children would no longer be fooled.
Enter title…
“So, do you want to give it a try?” Mr. Q asked, and when he saw the hesitation
in the woman, he pushed further and said, “Give me a response. The children
are looking at us from afar. If we agree, they will definitely be overjoyed.’
Renee looked towards her children. She saw them standing not too far away,
their eyes shining with expectation.
Even if Renee had a heart made of steel, she couldn’t bear to disappoint her
children. So, she turned to Mr. Q and said, “I agree, but let me make it clear that
we’re only pretending to be a couple for the children’s sake. We won’t do
anything real couples do. If you try to take advantage of me, I’ll make sure you
regret it!”
“I concur.”
Mr. Q nodded, but he then reached out to pull Renee into his arms.
“Hey! What are you doing, you pervert? Didn’t we just agree about not taking
advantage of me? You’re asking for trouble…”
“Don’t move. The children are watching. We don’t want to disappoint them,
Indeed, the two kids were staring intently at them as they jumped in excitement.
“Adie, it seems like Mommy and Daddy Q are really together now! This is great!
We have both a mommy and a daddy from now on! The kids at the kindergarten
can’t say that we don’t have a daddy anymore!”
“Yeah. Q is impressive. Apart from me protecting you and Mommy, we’ll have Q
to help protect you too! I’m very pleased.
“Now that Mommy and Daddy Q are together, will we get a new sibling?”
“It’s hard to say. But whether we get a new brother or sister in the future, I’ll like
them either way! I’ll also protect them like I protect you and Mommy!”
“You’re amazing, Adie! You’re a superhero! I want to protect our future brother or
sister too!”
The two little ones were thrilled and had already started imagining a future
where Renee and Mr. Q would have kids.
On the other side, Renee stiffened in the man’s embrace and asked coldly,” Are
we done hugging? Can we let go now? Isn’t this awkward?”
She rarely had such close contact with men, especially with a man she didn’t
like at all. She felt uncomfortable all over at the distance between them.
“Hold on a little longer,” Mr. Q said seriously. “Kids nowadays are smart, Adie
and Abby even more so. If we don’t play our roles sincerely, they’ll definitely see
through it. They’ll be disappointed if that happens, so… let’s hold each other a
little longer. We should also be a little more affectionate so they can feel that our
love is real and be truly happy.”
“Alright, geez. You’re so long-winded! Isn’t it just a hug? Let’s keep hugging.
Hug as long as you want.”
Renee decided to go all out and use her lifelong acting skills to play the role of a
loving couple with this man to fulfill her children’s dream of having both parents.
Fireworks continued to burst into the night sky, showering the dark with brilliant
colors and shapes. It was beautiful as it was heartwarming.
Renee couldn’t help but once again be immersed in such a romantic
However, there was some regret in her heart. Surely, if Mr. Q were her children’s
real father, that would be much better


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