The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 680

Chapter 680
After returning from Carmine Pawnshop, Aiden and Abigail were visibly happier
than ever.
The smile on their faces never dropped, and they pulled Renee along as they
pestered her to give them new siblings with Mr. Q.
“Mommy, when will you and Daddy have your wedding? Can Adie and I be your
flower girl? After you hold the wedding, we can live together as a family, then
you and Daddy Q can give us siblings’”
Abigail was already envisioning a wonderful life where Mr. Q lived with them. As
the family’s little princess, she had always been carefully sheltered by everyone.
Enter title…
Now thinking about having future younger siblings, her little heart had also
developed a sense of responsibility and the yearning to protect them.
“Yeah! When your relationship is stable, you should hold a wedding as soon as
possible. Then Q can live with us and take care of you. He can make your
favorite food, plant the sunflowers you love, share the pressure of your work,
and deal with that jerk, Stefan! It’s perfect’’ i
Aiden was also meticulously planning for the future.
“Oh, you two… Aren’t you thinking a little too ahead?”
Renee felt like she had gotten on a ride that she couldn’t get off.
She had only intended to play a fake loving couple with Mr. Q to keep her
children happy, but now it seemed that if the kids found out about the lie or if
she broke up with Mr. Q, they would be completely devastated!
“Mommy, do you hear what you’re saying? You and Q are truly in love, so these
things will happen naturally. Sooner or later, you have to consider this, so why
not think about it now? How far in the future can it be?”
“Yeah, Mommy. In dramas, when a man and a woman are in love, they marry
quickly and have babies. True love never wants to be slow, only fast!”
The two children took turns to bombard Renee, and she couldn’t even get a
proper word in.
“That’s true, but… but reality is not like dramas you watch on TV. Mommy still
wants to test this relationship first. What if we end up not suitable for each
other? If we have kids, they might not have a mommy or daddy! That would be
The children were convinced by Renee’s words, and they nodded.
“Yes, you should go ahead and test all you want. Your marriage will be more
solid if that happens. Mommy has already been hurt once by that jerk, so it can’t
happen a second time!”
“Right. Marriage is not a simple matter. It must be done with careful
consideration. Don’t rush it, Mommy. Take your time.”
Renee breathed a sigh of relief inwardly, feeling like she had narrowly escaped
this matter.
When the three of them returned to the apartment, they found that Margaret had
also remembered Renee’s birthday and had bought her a cake and prepared a
“Miss Ren, you’re back. Did you have fun?”
The older woman knew that Renee and the two children had gone to Mr. Q’s
house and had prayed silently in her heart that there would be sparks between
Renee and Mr. Q.
“It was okay. They celebrated my birthday. The cake and fireworks were
beautiful,” Renee said, downplaying the entire event.
“Margaret, Mommy, and Daddy Q will get married real soon. Adie and I are so
happy that we’ll have a real daddy!”
Abigail was innocent and elated, and she hugged Margaret and twirled around
happily after saying that.
Margaret was obviously also overjoyed, and she was smiling from ear to ear.
“Yes! I’m sure of it! Abby and I handpicked Q for Mommy, so it’s absolutely
reliable. Mommy even hugged him tonight, so I guess it won’t be long before
they get married.”
“That’s great! Thank God that Miss Ren has finally found the right person for
her!” Margaret said joyfully as she clasped her hand together.
She was so excited that her words became incoherent as her eyes reddened.
“Master, Sir, Ma’am… Did you hearthat? Miss Ren is about to start a fresh
relationship, so you can rest assured


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