The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 681

Chapter 681
Renee tried to confess several times, but seeing how happy everyone was, she
couldn’t bear to kill their joy, so she ended up staying quiet.
Amidst the joyful mood, Abby’s cute round face suddenly paled. A pained
expression crept onto her face.
“Aah! It hurts, Mommy! It hurts so bad!”
The little girl grabbed her chest. She was having difficulty breathing.
Everyone immediately became alert.
Enter title…
“Margaret, the inhaler! Hurry up and grab the inhaler!”
Renee hugged Abby while rubbing her chest and comforting her, “Abby, don’t
panic. Breathe slowly. Inhale, exhale, inhale… The inhaler will be here soon.”
Margaret quickly handed Renee the inhaler. “Here you go, Miss Ren!”
Renee took the inhaler from Margaret, put it to Abby’s mouth with practiced
familiarity and started pressing it.
Abby’s breathing slowly returned to normal. Her cheeks, which had gone pale,
gradually regained color.
“Mommy, I’m sorry for scaring you. I was too happy today, so I forgot to take the
medication. It’s my bad.”
The little girl’s pitiful appearance made Renee’s chest tighten.
‘You silly girl, it’s not your fault. It’s Mommy’s fault for not reminding you. I’m
sorry you had to go through that.”
Renee kissed the little girl’s forehead. She felt terrible.
When Abby and Adie were born, Abby only weighed half as much as Adie did.
She had not developed well in the womb, and that was especially true for her
lungs. As a result, she suffered from asthma from an early age.
Patients of this illness had strict requirements for their living environment. They
needed fresh air that had no pollution and no impurities. Even a slight amount of
dust in the air could make the illness act up. If the asthma attack was not dealt
with in a timely manner, it could be life-threatening.
Abby grew up on Sun Island, so she was like a plant that grew in a greenhouse.
The air on sun island was perfect for her condition, be it in purity or humidity.
Over the years, Margaret had been researching various remedies, hoping to
find a cure for Abby.
But her herbs required extremely high air quality to grow.
Their apartment was located in the city center. It was obviously not a suitable
place for them to stay long-term. It had even made Abby’s illness worse.
“Miss Ren, we can’t put this off any longer. Either I bring Abby back to Sun
Island until I cure her illness, or we move to a place with a better environment.
Otherwise, this will just happen again.”
Margaret said with a worried look.
“I know. We should have moved long ago.”
Renee took a deep breath and said, “Abby can’t live without me, and I can’t live
without Abby either, so I won’t leave her alone in a foreign land.
Besides, Sun Island is already…”
She did not finish her sentence.
From a legal perspective, Sun Island no longer belonged to her.
‘We don’t necessarily have to go back. There are two places in Beach City that
can match Sun Island’s air quality. One is the old Everheart Residence, and the
other is the Hunt Villa. Whichever it is, we must move there as soon as
Margaret had looked into this matter.
The Everheart Residence and the Hunt Villa were both located in areas that
housed the wealthiest and most powerful people in Beach City. The air quality in
those areas was naturally very good.
“But the area the Everheart Residence is in has been expropriated.
Apparently, a sewage treatment plant will be built there. Why would anyone
waste such a good piece of land?”
Renee’s eyes turned cold and sharp. She told Margaret, “Don’t worry, Margaret.
I’ll handle it. I’ll take them all back – the Everheart Residence AND the Hunt


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