The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 682

Chapter 682
Early the next morning, Renee picked up the necessary documents and met up
with her assistant, Shelley Sandberg, at a subway station.
“Miss Everheart, I’m here!”
After Shelley walked out of the subway entrance, she pushed her blackframed
glasses up her nose, jogged over to Renee’s car and climbed in.
“Miss Everheart, I’m so happy to see that you’re okay. You have no idea how
worried we are for you. We’re afraid that you might have left us!”
Enter title…
Shelley looked at Renee with sparkly eyes like she was looking at her idol as
she spoke excitedly.
Ever since Renee was s*xually assaulted, she had never shown herself, so
Shelley and the other employees in the company were all worried about her.
They all wondered what was going on with her.
Shelley had kept her mouth shut. She did not tell anyone about what happened
to Renee for the sake of Renee’s reputation.
Renee gave Shelley a little smile and joked, ‘ Why? Are you afraid that I might
run away without paying your salary?”
‘That’s not it. All the employees that remained are loyal to you. Even if you don’t
pay us, we’re willing to help you forge your business empire. We’re simply
worried that something bad might have happened to you…”
“Don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine.”
‘Thank goodness…”
Shelley hesitated. She seemed like she had something to say, but she ended up
not say anything.
Renee glanced at Shelley, puzzled by her strange behavior.
“If you have something to say, just say it. You know I like people who speak their
Renee looked a bit displeased as she tried to pressure Shelley to speak up.
Shelley thus took a deep breath and said, “I actually wanted to ask what
happened between you and Mr. Hunt afterwards.”
“He seemed really worried about you that day. He didn’t seem as cold and
ruthless as the rumors say. He was also the one who insisted on returning to
save you, otherwise… things would have been really bad.”
This was actually a private matter between the bosses, so as a lowly employee,
it was not her place to gossip.
But due to her position, she witnessed the whole thing between them! She’s
itching to get some information out of Renee!
“Stefan Hunt? Save me?”
Renee was bewildered.
After drinking the rapist’s spiked drink, she had no memory of being brought to
the underground parking lot, so she naturally did not know that it was Stefan
who saved her.
“Yes! Don’t you remember? That night, after you suddenly disappeared from the
elevator, we looked long and hard for you but to no avail, so the police
suggested that we go back to the police station to lodge a report first and wait
for them to investigate further. However, along the way, Mr. Hunt suddenly
asked the driver to turn back, saying that you’re still in the parking lot!”
“And then?” Renee could not help asking. She seemed a bit surprised.
“And then Mr. Hunt found you in a deep basement in the underground parking
lot. The police caught the rapist and thus solved a serial drug rape case which
occasionally involved murder. Anyway… if it weren’t for Mr. Hunt, it would have
been really bad for you!”
The memories of that night still gave Shelley shivers.
“Who could have thought that a frail and well-mannered programmer like that
would have such a dark and twisted mind. He committed dozens of crimes in
that building without being discovered. If it weren’t for Mr. Hunt’s quick wit, who
knows how many more innocent women would have fallen prey to him!”
‘That… happened?”
After listening to Shelley’s story, Renee’s emotions were complicated.


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