The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 684

Chapter 684
Their car was stopped at the front gate by a muscular security guard.
“Who are you? What business do you have here?”
Renee slowly rolled down the car window. Her bright eyes as alluring as a fox’s,
she said seductively, “Hi, we have an appointment with Mr. Pascal. Can you let
us in?”
When the security guard’s eyes met with Renee’s, his body went numb like he
had been electrocuted.
Enter title…
He shook his head to try and snap himself out of it, then asked, “Does Mr.
Pascal have an appointment today? Why wasn’t I notified?”
“I’m not sure, but Mr. Pascal did ask us to come here. Do I look like I’m lying?”
The security guard checked out Renee’s beautiful face and perfect figure and
went numb again, almost getting a nosebleed.
She was indeed the kind of stunningly beautiful “delicacy” that Mr. Pascal would
regularly “order”!
“If you won’t let us in, I won’t make things difficult for you. We’ll leave right
Renee sighed with regret and pretended to turn the car around.
“Wait, wait, it’s my bad. For a beautiful woman like you, even if you don’t have
an appointment, I should let you in… This way, please.”
At the command of the security guard, the metal gate slid open.
Renee drove in calmly. She had successfully infiltrated the manor.
“Phew! That gave me a real scare!”
Shelley had been holding herself still in the passenger seat the whole time. She
did not even dare to breathe too heavily. Now that they had made it in, she was
so relieved that she seemed to have regained life. Her admiration for Renee
grew even more.
“Miss Everheart, that was amazing! The Pascal Manor is known to have really
tight security, but you easily infiltrated it!”
‘Tsk tsk, your face is like a multi-purpose pass. You can go anywhere you want
with it. You’re my beacon of light from now on; I’ll follow you to the death!”
Renee parked the car in Pascal Manor’s garage with familiar ease. Her
expression turned serious, which interrupted Shelley’s incessant praises. Renee
said, “Alright, that’s enough. Do you remember the plan?”
‘Yes, ma’am!”
Shelley clenched her fists and assumed a combat posture. “Later on, while you
and Mr. Pascal are negotiating, I’ll look for evidence of his illegal activities. With
our powers combined, we’re unstoppable!”
“Be very careful. This isn’t a game. A tiny bit of mistake can result in dire
Seeing the girl’s optimistic and cheerful attitude, Renee suddenly regretted
dragging her into this.
Rubio Pascal was a notorious pervert and was a difficult person to deal with. If
Shelley fell into his hands, her life would be over.
“Forget it. You should just go back. I’ll handle this myself. Remember, if I don’t
return to the company in three hours, call the police.”
Renee ultimately decided to do this alone and not let Shelley take the risk with
But Shelley was determined. “Miss Everheart, I’m not as weak as you think I
am. I’m very clever. Don’t worry, I’ll see what happens and act accordingly.”
“Alright, enough talking. Let’s get down to business!”
Shelley went to look for evidence before Renee could stop her.
Renee could only proceed according to plan.
She learned from the butler that Rubio Pascal was currently taking a swim.
She thus went alone to the Pascal Manor’s swimming pool.
Shelley cautiously sneaked around the Pascal Manor, hoping to find evidence of
Rubio’s wrongdoings.


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