The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 686

Chapter 686
Renee noticed Stefan right away. Her smile immediately disappeared, replaced
by a frosty chill.
She said sarcastically, ‘ Wow, fancy seeing you here, Mr. Hunt. Why aren’t you
keeping your “bro” company? She hurt her foot and needs your” brotherly
Stefan frowned and ignored Renee. Instead, he looked at Rubio Pascal and
asked in an icy voice, “What did you do to her?”
Rubio Pascal was a man in his forties who had a shrewd face. He gave Stefan a
smile that did not reach his eyes and said with an ambiguous expression, ’’Miss
Enter title…
Everheart and I had a very pleasant time. We spent more than three hours
together, just the two of us, and we’ve grown very close. As for what happened
between us, I think it’s Miss Everheart’s decision whether to tell you or not.”
“Anyway, for me personally, I’ll treat it as a little secret between Miss Everheart
and 1.1 will occasionally think back on it with much fondness.”
Hearing that, Renee lowered her head and blushed shyly. “Mr. Pascal, I get
embarrassed easily. If you’re too embarrassed to say it, then it’s even more the
case for me. Why don’t we make a promise with each other? We’ll keep what
happened this afternoon a secret. Whoever leaks the secret gets on Santa’s
naughty list!”
“Hahaha, that’s fine with me. It’s your decision.”
Rubio Pascal gave Stefan a meaningful look. He then hugged Renee
affectionately and said, “Okay, that’s it for today. Next time you come, let’s have
some fun again.”
‘Then, about the land where the Everheart Residence is…”
“Don’t worry, leave it to me. I promise I’ll take care of it.”
Rubio Pascal waved goodbye to Renee and walked back into the Pascal Manor.
Stefan, Shelley, and the group of armed burly men remained rooted to the spot
with confused expressions.
“Ms. Everheart, you scared the hell out of me. I called you earlier, but you didn’t
answer. I thought that Pascal guy must have done something bad to you. I was
afraid that the police wouldn’t be able to handle it, so I called Mr. Hunt for help!”
Shelley was both excited and relieved. “I was worried that Mr. Hunt wouldn’t
come, but not only did he come, he came really quickly and brought a lot of
people with him. That means he really cares about you and you’re very
important to him!”
Stefan said icily, “I didn’t think that far. I was just afraid that the Hunt family
would be disgraced because I know what kind of man Rubio Pascal is.”
At first, Renee felt a little grateful towards Stefan, but his words irritated her so
much that the gratitude instantly evaporated.
“Heh, you’re funny, Mr. Hunt. Pray tell, what kind of man is Mr. Pascal? And how
did I disgrace the Hunt family?”
Stefan’s dagger-like eyes looked Renee up and down. He said emotionlessly,
“You know what kind of man he is, and you know very well how you disgraced
the Hunt family.”
Renee became even angrier. She retorted coldly, “Sorry, I have no idea what
kind of man Mr. Pascal is. After all, I only spent three hours with him, which I
don’t think is enough to tell a person’s character. I feel like he’s a pretty
straightforward guy. At least he doesn’t pretend to be a good guy like a
“As for disgracing the Hunt family…”
Renee laughed with contempt. “I have had nothing to do with you for a long
time, let alone the Hunt family. I’m a free and independent woman, and I can
make friends with anyone I want. It’s none of your business!”
Renee’s stubborn attitude and sharp words angered Stefan, but he had no right
to refute her.
That’s right, no matter how bad Rubio Pascal’s reputation in Beach City was,
and no matter how terrible the fate of the women who approached Rubio Pascal
was according to the rumors, Stefan had no right to stop Renee from getting
involved with him.
The two of them stared each other down. The tension in the air was
unbelievably strong.
Shelley mustered up the courage to raise her hand and say, “Can I say
Renee nodded and said, You can say whatever you want to say.”
“I think, no matter what Mr. Hunt’s motive was, it’s a fact that he came to save
you immediately. Besides, he also rescued you from that rapist a few days ago.
So, I think…”
Shelley paused and took a peek at Renee, then said weakly, “I think you should
buy Mr. Hunt dinner to express your gratitude.”
Before Renee could say anything, Stefan already said, “I happen to be hungry
right now. I know a place in the city that serves good steak.


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