The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 687

Chapter 687
Then, he turned around and walked away just like that!
“? ? ?”
Renee’s mind was filled with question marks.
That guy was so shameless. Shouldn’t he ask for her opinion first?
Stefan walked back to his sports car. Before getting in, he stopped, turned
around and asked Shelley, “Can you drive?”
“Of course. What do you want me to do, Mr. Hunt?”
Enter title…
‘Take her car back.”
After giving Shelley the command, Stefan turned to Renee and said, “We’ll go in
my car.”
‘Yes, Mr. Hunt. What a reasonable arrangement. I wish you two a pleasant
Shelley could read the mood. She quickly drove away in Renee’s car while
Renee stared at her speechlessly.
“Get in.”
Stefan was very satisfied with Shelley’s cleverness. With a hint of a smile on his
lips, he called out to Renee, who was frozen in place.
Renee was seething. She started to suspect that the assistant she had carefully
selected might have been a spy Stefan planted near her.
“If you don’t get in, I’ll drive away without you.”
Stefan was already sitting in the driver’s seat, getting ready to start the car.
After hesitating for a few seconds, Renee finally succumbed to reality.
After all, the Pascal Manor was located in the hills far from the city center, so it
would be very difficult to get a Uber ride here. She should not make things hard
for herself out of pride.
Stefan looked straight ahead as he drove away from the Pascal Manor.
“Aren’t you going to thank me?”
After taking a glance at the icy Renee, he suddenly broke the silence.
‘Thank you? For what?”
“If it weren’t for me, you would have become another one of Rubio Pascal’s
victims. That means I saved you once again.”
Stefan raised his chin and said proudly.
Renee burst out in laughter. She could not help it. “You sure know how to toot
your own horn. Mr. Pascal and I got along really well. If it weren’t for you, I
would have achieved my goal by now. You should be grateful I didn’t yell at you
for ruining my plan.”
“Heh, you got along really well?”
The look on Stefan’s face was terrible. “Do you really not know what Rubio
Pascal’s fetish is?”
Renee was unperturbed. “I’ve heard the rumors before. I think they’re just
baseless rumors that the other major families spread because of the
competition between the families. When you faked your death, there were
rumors that said you died of AIDS too. These things cant be trusted!”
“How brave of you. But let me tell you, Rubio Pascal is even crazier than what
the rumors say. If I hadn’t come today, you would have been in real trouble!”
“How so? Tell me how crazy he is!”


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