The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 690

Chapter 690
*Ahem, ahem*
Renee cleared her throat a few times and tried to cover up her embarrassment
by drinking water.
Stefan pretended not to hear anything. He elegantly spread a napkin on his
legs, then wiped his hands with a hot towel. His movements were dignified and
The waiter soon brought some exquisite dishes to their table, including braised
beef in red sauce, braised cold shrimp with lime, caviar, prime sirloin steak, and
a fruit salad.
Enter title…
Renee’s eyes were glued to the delicious food on the table. Not only did her
stomach growl even harder, she also could not help swallowing her saliva again.
Stefan wordlessly carved a piece of steak and put it in his mouth. He chewed it
slowly and then showed a regretful expression. “I consider myself a picky eater,
but the quality of the steak here is really something else. Too bad you’re not
hungry, or you could have tried it.”
Renee tried to shift her gaze to the outside of the window. She raised her chin
high and said disdainfully, ’It’s fine, I don’t like Western food anyway.”
Hmph, although she was a glutton, she’s a glutton with principles and a bottom
line. She would not be tempted!
Stefan continued to cut off another piece of steak and commented with
satisfaction, “Mmh, today’s steak is cooked to perfection. I wanted it medium
rare, and it was just right. It’s charred on the outside and tender on the inside,
which tightens the texture of the beef tenderloin… Would you like a taste?”
He stabbed the piece of steak he had just cut with his fork and brought it close
to Renee’s mouth.
The mellow aroma of delicious food drifted into Renee’s nose, melting away
Renee’s determination!
As she was about to give up her bottom line and principles by opening her
mouth to taste the steak, Stefan childishly retracted his hand and ate the steak
himself. He shook his head and sighed, “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that you’re not
Renee: “…. ”
How did she never realize before how childish this guy was? Was teasing her
that fun?!
“Let’s talk about something more serious…”
Stefan’s face turned serious. He looked up at Renee with a cold and forceful
gaze. “Why did you and your assistant try to provoke a dangerous person like
Rubio Pascal?”
“I don’t owe you an explanation.”
Renee’s face was frosty. She did not want to tell him too much.
“Do you need a favor from him or does he have dirt on you?”
Stefan ignored her indifference and kept asking.
He did not notice that the concern he showed her had gone beyond the proper
Renee snorted, her eyes filled with contempt. “Stefan Hunt, are you a middleage woman from the neighborhood committee? You’re sticking your nose where
it doesn’t belong. Why couldn’t I have approached Mr.
Pascal because I admired him? Why are you so adamant that I was forced? Is it
because you would feel better if I were?”
“Hah. What do you admire about him? His preference in young girls or his
unique taste in food?”
The steak in Stefan’s mouth suddenly felt a lot less tasty. He unhappily took a
sip of red wine to wash it down and said, rather impolitely, “Or do you want to be
the supplier of his Golden Meal?”
‘You bastard!”
Renee was immediately enraged. She stood up, pointed at him and warned, “If
you say that kind of bullshit again, I’ll teach you a lesson!”
“Getting angry to mask your shame. Looks like I hit the nail on the head…”
Before Stefan could finish, Renee picked up her glass and splashed Stefan’s
face with wine without any hesitation.
Time seemed to have stopped in the restaurant. The few guests there, as well
as the waiters, all stared at them.


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