The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 691

The red liquid ran along Stefan’s hair and dripped down to his cheeks. Although
he was in a mess, he still exuded a regal air.
A woman’s voice came from behind them.
Seraphina Murphy was holding onto the hand of her best friend, Lina Hepburn,
while staring at Stefan incredulously.
After confirming that it really was him, she dashed over to Stefan with large,
unladylike steps and wiped the wine from his head with a napkin.
Enter title…
“My silly brother! What is going on? Why would someone as respectable as you
let her splash wine on you in public? Look at you, your hair and clothes are all
wet. Oh, it pains me to see you like this!”
As she wiped, she mumbled about how angry and upset she was, then turned
angrily and admonished Renee, “Renee, you’re in the wrong here. We’re all
civilized people so there’s no reason to act like this. Splashing wine on my lil’
bro’s face is like splashing wine on my face. Even if he wouldn’t pursue the
matter, I would…”
Seraphina disliked Renee. When she had to act friendly and nonchalant around
Renee before this, it really irritated her. Today, she finally found an opportunity
to occupy the moral high ground and teach Renee a lesson.
Renee’s expression was calm. She chuckled softly, “The fault lies with the
person who started it. Why don’t you ask your lil’ bro what kind of disgusting
stuff he said to me.”
“Stefan has always been a straightforward man, so sometimes his words can be
a bit sharp. You two were married for many years, so how can you not know
this? Was it really necessary to take what he said to heart? It seems to me like
you’re the one who’s being too narrow-minded and ruthless!”
“That’s right, I am ruthless. I just don’t like him. What can you do?”
Renee crossed her arms and did not show Seraphina Murphy any respect.
To be precise, she was impregnable now, so she did not have to show anyone
any respect.
“You’re so arrogant! I have no idea why the Hunt family would let an uncivilized
woman like you marry Stef in the first place!”
Seraphina Murphy took the opportunity to belittle Renee. “No wonder you failed
to win over Stef’s heart even after four years of marriage. You’re not the type
that Stef likes at all. He likes dignified, cultured and gentle women. You don’t fit
those criteria in the slightest!”
“You’re rude to Stef first, so don’t blame me for teaching you a lesson on his
After saying that, Seraphina grabbed a decanter and tried to splash the red wine
inside on Renee’s face.
“Leave her alone!”
Stefan, who had remained silent all this time, reached out and grabbed
Seraphina’s wrist. He said coldly, “What happened this evening is my fault. If
she likes to hang out with snakes and rodents, who am I to object? I shouldn’t
have interfered.”
Seraphina did not want to let Renee off so easily. She yelled, “Why are you
protecting her even after what she did to you? This is the only thing I dislike
about you – you’re too soft-hearted. I’m the only one who cares about you!”
Renee almost threw up.
She could not stand it anymore. She said to the waiter, “Check, please.”
Then, she turned to Stefan and Seraphina and said, “You two take your time. It’s
my treat. I have some business to take care of, so see ya!”
“You’re gonna leave just like that? You haven’t apologized to Stef for splashing
wine on him yet!”
Seraphina Murphy refused to let the matter rest.
Stefan sat back down expressionlessly and went back to his meal as if nothing
happened. He said in a cold, arrogant voice, “Since it’s Miss Everheart’s treat,
let’s not waste her generosity. Sit down and enjoy the meal with me.”
Renee paused for a moment, then left coldly without saying another word.


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