The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 692

“Aah! I’m so mad! I’m so mad! Stefan Hunt, you bastard! I hope you choke on
that steak!”
After Renee left the restaurant, she finally couldn’t maintain her dignified
demeanor anymore. She started cursing Stefan out.
She never knew that he could be this shameless. After making her so mad that
she almost had a stroke, he actually had the gall to sit back down and enjoy the
food she paid for with Seraphina Murphy, who kept finding faults with her. What
did he take her for? His credit card?!
Renee hated how easily she let him affect her emotions even after all these
years and even though she had maintained a clear mind… It made her feel
Enter title…
useless and powerless.
Stefan Hunt was the bane of her existence. Nothing good happened whenever
she ran into him. She must stay as far away from him as possible from now on.
Thinking of that, her emotions finally calmed down a bit.
If she could not deal with him, she could just avoid him, right?
She reached out for a taxi and returned to her apartment.
When she arrived at the apartment and was about to open the door, Rubio
Pascal called.
Renee could not help feeling nauseated when she thought of the “Golden Meal”
Stefan mentioned.
But in order to get back the Everheart Residence, she fought back the nausea
and greeted Rubio warmly, “Mr. Pascal, you’re calling me already? I just left
your house not long ago. Looks like you really are treating me as a close friend.”
“Hahaha, Ren, of course I treat you as a close friend. Otherwise, I would have
made you my woman. I wouldn’t have given you the chance to leave the Pascal
Manor. We’re kindred souls, so I’m not interested in developing an intimate
relationship with you. I’m more interested in a spiritual relationship.”
Renee couldn’t help but roll her eyes. She resisted the urge to hang up the
phone. “In that case, you should release your hold on the piece of land where
the Everheart Residence is. It’s the area with the best environmental quality in
the entire Beach City. It shouldn’t be used to build a garbage and sewage
treatment plant. Even at the risk of offending you, I have to say, doing so is bad
spirit. You’ll get bad karma for that.”
Rubio Pacal snorted, then said with a sly, fox-like smile, “Ah, Ren, you say
you’re my friend, but all you talk about with me is business. That’s not cute at
all. Besides… friendship is friendship, but business is business. You can’t
blatantly take advantage of me just because we’re friends. Do you know how
much money I spent to bribe the people upstairs in order to obtain the
development rights to that area?”
“Does that mean it’s non-negotiable?”
“I didn’t say that… Like I told you this morning, you’ll have to trade for it with
something of equal value.”
Rubio gradually lured Renee to take the bait.
Renee’s expression was serious. She did not want to play games with him, so
she cut straight to the chase, “Tell me, what do you want?”


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