The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 693

“The Rainbow Glaze?”
“The Rainbow Glaze is exquisitely designed and made from glasses of seven
different colors. Each side is carved with images of rare birds and beasts. It’s a
famous, auspicious treasure. In that chaotic era, it ensured the peace of
Manchest for a hundred years. It is said that owning the “Rainbow Glaze” can
lead to prosperity, long life, and fulfilled dreams. I’ve wanted it for a long time.”
Renee continued to roll her eyes. She was exasperated. She asked, “You’re not
asking me to help you find this so-called “treasure”, are you?”
“You’re so smart, Ren. As expected of someone that I knew could be a great
friend to me right away. You figured it out so quickly.”
Enter title…
Renee was howling inside. She said through gritted teeth, “You’re not doing this
to toy with me, are you? Maybe this bottle is just a folklore that doesn’t exist.
How am I supposed to find it for you?”
“It’s precisely because the task is difficult that it can prove your capability…”
Rubio Pascal smiled and said, “Don’t worry, this object definitely exists. Put
some effort into it and you can definitely find it. When you find it, I’ll transfer the
land to you right away. But of course, my time is precious, so I hope you can do
it within a week.”
Before Renee could say anything else, Rubio Pascal already hung up the
“Goddammit! They’re all like this!”
She was so angry that she wanted to smash her phone.
But it seems like the easiest and least costly way to regain the Everheart
Residence was indeed to find this Rainbow Glaze!
Renee took a deep breath to calm herself. She decided to thoroughly
investigate this object to see how high the chances of finding it were.
She opened the door and entered the apartment.
Her two kids were waiting for her.
Because Abby had an asthma attack yesterday, Renee had ordered them not to
go anywhere today, especially the Carmine Pawnshop!
“Abby, how are you feeling today? Do you still have difficulty breathing?”
Renee asked, feeling very concerned. She hugged Abby and kissed her
“I’m sorry for making you worry, Mommy. I’m feeling good today. But Mommy,
when can we go back to the Everheart Residence? Today, Aunt Margaret told us
that it’s the time of year when the sophora flowers bloom, and in the Everheart
Residence’s courtyard, there’s a tall sophora tree that’s beautiful and smells
“Yeah. There’s a swing under the sophora tree. When I was a kid, I used to love
playing with the swing. Your grandparents would help push me. Those were the
happiest days of my life…”
Renee missed her home dearly. Now that Abby brought up the Everheart
Residence, she really, really wanted to move back.
Meanwhile, Adie was programming for fun on the computer. Renee said to Adie,
“Adie, can you do me a favor? Search for the “Rainbow Glaze” and see who
owns it right now.”
“Okay, Mommy. I’m on it.”
Adie’s fingers pounded the keyboard. In less than ten minutes, he managed to
infiltrate the internal database of the cultural relics website and found where the
Rainbow Glaze was.
“Mommy, I’ve found it. What a coincidence… You could never have guessed
where it is!”
Adie exclaimed with joy while waving his tiny hands about.


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