The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 696

Renee walked in with a curious expression and asked, “What can I help you
Mr. Q was wearing disposable plastic gloves in both hands. He was marinating
the steaks with a secret sauce.
“Help me wear the apron, please. My hands are occupied.”
He gestured to an apron hanging on the cabinet with his chin, giving out the
command naturally.
“Help you… put on the apron?”
Renee felt a moment of awkwardness. She hesitated and did not move.
Enter title…
This kind of action was way too intimate. Wasn’t this usually something that only
couples would do?
Mr. Q turned around and looked at her flatly. “Is something wrong? Are you…
“Of course not!”
Renee did not want to show him her cowardly side, so she forced herself to
grab the apron and moved behind him. She had to tiptoe to put the apron over
his head. She pretended to be nonchalant and said, “I’m a divorced woman. I’ve
experienced everything before. Why would I be shy?”
Her slender arms wrapped around the man’s strong waist, and her thin fingers
tied a bow around the waistband neatly. She patted the man’s back and said
jokingly, “Hmm, not bad. You look like a good househusband.”
Tsk tsk, although Mr. Q’s face was ruined, his body was top-notch. He had wide
shoulders, a narrow waist, and firm muscles. His body was on par with Stefan’s.
The outside world was vast indeed. There were lots of other trees in the forest.
Her vision was seriously too narrow in the past. Her eyes could see no one else
but Stefan.
Yet plenty of men she met after her divorce were comparable to Stefan, even
Isaac, the escort she met at the bar!
After marinating the steaks, Mr. Q set the timer to wait for the sauce to seep in.
He took off his plastic gloves and casually grabbed a kiwi to make a fruit yogurt
He poured oat into the fruit yogurt while stirring it with a spoon. He then
scooped a spoonful and offered it to Renee.
“Try this and see if you like it.”
Renee leaned back warily. She was not used to being so intimate with a man.
She awkwardly took the spoon and said, “I can do it myself.”
The man’s lips curled into a weird smile. “I thought you’re a divorced woman
who has experienced everything before? Why are you so conservative?”
“This isn’t being conservative. It’s called a sense of boundaries – a sense of
boundaries between men and women, understand?”
Renee raised her eyebrows and put on a righteous look.
After having a taste of Mr. Q’s salad, her eyes immediately brightened. She
could not help praising, “Oh my god, this is so good. Who would have thought
that a burly man like you would have such delicate skills? You truly are “Beach
City’s Famous Chef”!”
“I’m alright.”
He crossed his legs and his arms and leaned lazily against the kitchen counter.
He told Renee, who could not stop eating, “As long as you put your heart into
making a dish, it definitely won’t taste too bad. I’m guessing your cooking skills
should be pretty good too. My rival, your ex-husband Stefan Hunt, must have
enjoyed a lot of good food.”
The spoon in Renee’s hand paused in mid-air for a moment. Her fair face
hardened slightly. Then, she chuckled to herself. “Maybe only the dogs in Hunt
Manor can tell if I’m truly good at cooking. How would Stefan Hunt know?”
“What do you mean by that?”
“When I first got married to him, I was a meek little wife who seldom went out
and only had him in my eyes. My favorite activity every day was to make him a
whole table of delicious food. Unfortunately, he was not interested. We were
married for four years, but I can count on two hands the number of times we
dined together. Most of the food I made for him went to the dogs.”
Thinking back of the time when she had been foolishly devoted, she felt sad and
She was really young at the time, that’s why she was full of passion. She kept
trying even when there was no response. It only made her more determined.
But now, things are different. She was the mother of two children. She had
suffered enough, so she would not be that foolish anymore.
For her, a man was just a hobby now. She would not love anyone more than
she loved herself and her two children.
After hearing Renee’s complaints, Mr. Q remained silent for a long time.
Suddenly, he asked, “If he’s interested in your cooking now, would you still cook
for him


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