The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 698

Renee’s eyes widened. She eagerly pressed him for the answer.
“You should be very familiar with this person…”
Mr. Q paused and said, “It’s your ex-husband, Stefan Hunt.”
Renee: “……”
Stefan Hunt again?!
She was truly fed up with him. Why was he everywhere?!
Enter title…
“You’re kidding, right? My investigation shows that the Rainbow Glaze is
currently stored in the Carmine Pawnshop.”
Hanging on to the last glimmer of hope, Renee sought confirmation from Mr. Q.
The way she saw it, she was on better terms with Mr. Q than with Stefan.
Instead of begging Stefan, she would rather beg Mr. Q.
“That’s what people say, but the real Rainbow Glaze is still in Stefan Hunt’s
hands. We had a huge battle many years ago, during which I tried to snatch the
Rainbow Glaze from him, but as you know, I suffered a disastrous defeat…
We’ve been on a truce ever since. We try not to tread on each other’s toes.”
Mr. Q narrated it plainly, as if he was telling someone else’s story.
Legend had it that the “Night Demon” everyone feared changed his brutal and
cruel nature after that great battle. He became a law-abiding citizen who rarely
got involved in conflicts and rarely showed himself in public.
Renee heaved a long sigh. “How unfortunate. Why must it be in his possession
of all people? This is terrible.”
Mr. Q said, “Isn’t he your ex-husband? He’d probably help you, right? It doesn’t
sound like a big deal.”
Renee sneered, “He’d help the other guy trample me before he would help me.”
She needed to think about what to do next.
After all, she just had a big fight with that guy this evening. And now she wanted
to ask him for such a precious treasure? It would not take a genius to figure out
that he would definitely refuse!
Mr. Q’s steaks were grilled exceptionally well. They looked very delicious.
Sprinkled with black pepper, the aroma was enough to push back Renee’s
”They’ll be done in a minute.”
The man in apron turned around and gave her a gentle smile. The sight warmed
Renee’s heart.
To cook a delicious meal in the kitchen with someone she loved had always
been something she wanted to do.
She never expected that a man other than Stefan could give her this sense of
After Mr. Q left, Renee lay on her bed while rubbing her full stomach. It was the
first time anyone had taken care of her like this.
Although he repeatedly emphasized that he had no feelings for her, it felt really
good to be taken care of.
Loving someone was too tiring. She had become lazy now and enjoyed being
loved instead…
She hesitated the whole night, but in the end, she decided to give it a try.
She called Stefan and arranged for a meeting at a cafe near his company
tomorrow at noon.
Stefan did not refuse her invitation. He arrived as promised, but his attitude was
“Get to the point. I only have ten minutes.”
He was wearing a dark suit with his hair neatly combed, giving off a high-andmighty aura.
Because Renee needed his help, her attitude was completely different from
yesterday. With a fake smile on her face, she said, “I’m truly honored that you
still came to see me even though you’re so busy, Mr. Hunt, but humans are not
machines. You can’t work non-stop. It’s lunch time, so relax and have a cup of


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