The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 700

Stefan’s expression, which was originally playful, instantly became serious. He
asked, “Who told you that I have the Rainbow Glaze?”
“Don’t you worry about that.”
Renee was naturally not so foolish that she would tell Stefan about Mr. Q. She
lifted her chin and asked righteously, “Will you or will you not lend it to me?”
Stefan slender fingers tapped the table unconsciously. He inquired further, “Why
do you need the Rainbow Glaze?”
“Don’t you worry about that either.”
Enter title…
Renee also did not want to tell him about the transaction between herself and
Rubio Pascal. The less involved he was in her affairs, the better.
If it weren’t because the Rainbow Glaze happened to be in his possession, she
would never have come to him!
“Why should I help you when you won’t tell me anything?”
Stefan’s eyes became colder and his tone of voice also became more
unfriendly. He turned into an iceberg again.
The air around him seemed to freeze. Anyone within a kilometer’s radius could
feel the chill in the air.
Renee clenched her fists, took a deep breath, and repeatedly told herself to
“endure it”, “endure it”, and “endure it”. When she finally calmed down, she said,
“When we got divorced, I only asked for the Hunts and Co. Law Firm. If its value
was evaluated back then, it would have been a negative asset, so it wouldn’t be
wrong to say that I took nothing of value when I left you. If I take you to court
now to request a fair alimony from you, it would cost you so much more than the
Rainbow Glaze, so… I’m sure you can see which one’s the better option for
“Are you threatening me?”
Stefan’s long fingers that had been tapping the table stopped. His cold eyes
pierced into Renee’s like sharp daggers. His thin lips curved into a cold and
arrogant smile as he said, “The Hunt family has plenty of money. You can take
as much money as you want.”
Renee: “……”
Somebody bring her a knife!
How could this guy be so infuriating?!
He was clearly making things hard for her on purpose!
“So there’s no room for negotiation?”
Renee asked furiously.
“Not necessarily.”
Stefan’s cold eyes suddenly became deep and complicated. “You said earlier
that I did not fulfill my responsibility as a husband during our marriage. I can
also say that you did not fulfill your responsibility as a wife.”
“What do you mean by that?”
Renee’s reaction was very intense. She vehemently defended herself. “You can
ask anyone. In the years I spent as Mrs. Hunt, I dedicated everything to you and
the Hunt family. How have I not fulfilled my responsibility as a wife? Are you
“Your so-called “sacrifices” were all made for outsiders to see. Weren’t you just
acting like a textbook wife of a prestigious family? A wife like that, I can get a
handful of anytime I want. What I really want is a real and authentic wife. A wife
that belongs only to me!”
His words seemed to carry a lot of meaning.
High society never lacked textbook “proper young wives”. What’s truly rare was
a wife who was not so perfect – a wife who would make mistakes, who would
cause trouble, who was sometimes a bit silly, who was passionate and sincere.
Stefan disliked a wife like the old Renee who compromised everything so that
she could seem perfect in every regard. She felt like a “product” manufactured
in an assembly line to him. He naturally would not invest too much emotions in
“I don’t understand…”
Renee shook her head, her eyes filled with confusion. “I was so careful not to
put a foot wrong. I willingly suffered and suppressed my emotions for the sake
of the Hunt family’s reputation. What did I do wrong?”
If it weren’t because she loved Stefan deeply, she would never have endured
those hardships.
“What you gave, I never wanted. What I wanted, you never gave.”
Stefan’s voice was cold and his expression was hard. He felt very distant at this
Renee thought she already knew this man well enough.


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