The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 701

But right now, she felt like she did not know him that well at all. She did not
know what he was thinking and what he really wanted.
“Can you say something that I can understand, please? What does “a real and
authentic” wife mean? What does “a wife that only belongs to you” mean?”
Renee could not understand what Stefan was trying to express. She said
impatiently, “Let’s keep this simple. What do you want? What do you need from
me in exchange for the Rainbow Glaze?”
“I told you, I want you to fulfill your responsibility as a wife.”
Stefan paused for a moment. She thought Renee probably wouldn’t understand
what he meant, so he gestured at her to move closer.
Enter title…
Renee foolishly leaned forward and moved her ear close to Stefan’s lips to hear
what he had to say.
She then heard Stefan say, “The responsibility to please your husband in bed.”
Renee’s face instantly turned red, all the way to the base of her neck. In shame
and anger, she picked up her coffee cup and splashed the handsome man’s
face with coffee.
“Stefan Hunt, you’re an animal in human skin! You disgust me!”
After yelling at him, she grabbed her bag and left the cafe like she was fleeing
for her life.
The scorching sun made her sweat profusely. Her heart was beating really fast
for some reason.
She’s so mad!
She’s so mad!
Not only did fail to get the Rainbow Glaze, she was also pranked by that
despicable guy. Her time was completely wasted!
She splashed Stefan with red wine yesterday and with coffee today. He
probably would not give her the Rainbow Glaze now even if she were to kneel
down and beg for it.
In that case, desperate times called for desperate measures…
Renee reflected on her actions and immediately came up with a solution.
“Hmph, you despicable bastard! If you’re not going to play nice, then I’m not
going to either!”
Renee clenched her fists, eager to carry out her plan.
Meanwhile, Stefan was still sitting in the cafe. Coffee dripped down his thick
black hair onto his handsome face, just like last evening’s wine.
Although he was in a mess, his good looks and dignified aura still made him
look like the protagonist in a drama. He attracted the eyes of many girls in the
Some had even secretly filmed a video of Renee splashing Stefan with coffee
and submitted it to gossip magazines.
Stefan soon received a call from his nervous secretary.
“Mr. Hunt, we have a problem.”
“What is it?”
“A paparazzi sent us a video of Miss Everheart splashing you with red wine and
with coffee. He asked for money to keep quiet. What should we do?”
“How much does he want?”
Stefan asked calmly.
“4 million dollars.”
The secretary said indignantly, “That greedy bastard! How dare he blackmail
“Tell the paparazzi, do as I say and I’ll pay him double.”
Stefan’s lips curled into a smile. He also had a plan.


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