The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 704

Renee was busy with work. She did not have much time to browse the internet
on her phone, let alone pay attention to entertainment gossip.
Therefore, even if the “hot gossip” posted by the paparazzi was already a hot
topic online, she remained oblivious to it.
By the time she was done with work, it was already time to go home.
She stretched, leaned back against her chair, and looked up at the white ceiling
while planning in her mind how to obtain the Rainbow Glaze in secret.
She picked up the coffee Shelley brewed for her to give it a sip.
“Ah, Miss Everheart, stop!”
Enter title…
Shelley rushed in like a flying arrow, snatched the cup of coffee from Renee’s
hand, and said with a serious expression, “How can you still drink coffee?”
Renee was confused. “Why can’t I drink coffee?”
Shelley took a quick glance at Renee’s stomach. She thought that Renee’s
stubborn personality was preventing her from admitting the truth, so she said
vaguely, “Coffee’s not good for your body. Drink milk instead. I’ll heat up a glass
of milk for you. It’s nutritious and will warm your stomach.”
Renee pondered for a moment and actually agreed, “You’re right. I’ve been
feeling a bit unwell lately, so milk will be better for me.”
“That’s normal. My mom told me it happens to every woman who experiences it
for the first time. She said they have to be very careful. They shouldn’t even get
out of bed if they can help it. The consequences can be very dire.”
“What? I can’t even get out of bed?”
The more she listened, the more confused Renee became.
Shelley thought Renee was just feigning ignorance, so she went along and said,
“It’s okay. Maybe you’re just feeling unwell because you work overtime so much.
Just make sure you rest well and make up for lost sleep, or accidents may
“What’s wrong with you today, girl? Why are you behaving so strangely?”
“Maybe it’s because my period is coming soon. Don’t mind me, Miss Everheart.
Just take care of yourself…”
While saying that, Shelley helped Renee organize the documents and turn off
the computer. She said meaningfully, “Miss Everheart, you have to stop working.
Your body can’t take it. You should stay at home and stay in bed for the next few
days. If anything happens in the company, I’ll give you a video call. Go home
and rest!”
Renee checked the time and frowned. “I do have some important personal
matters to take care of in the next few days, so I won’t be coming to the office. If
there are any issues, report to me immediately.”
She stood up from the office chair to leave.
Shelley quickly went over to support Renee like Renee was an Empress
Dowager. “Be careful, Miss Everheart.”
After that, she fetched Renee’s bag for her and asked Renee, “Will you be fine
by yourself, Miss Everheart? Do you want me to escort you home?”
Renee was incredulous. “Of course not. Do you take me for a baby? Why are
you taking care of me so meticulously? Act normally!”
Shelley chuckled and said, “You can’t be too careful. You’re the heart and soul
of Azure Group after all.”
After Renee left the company, several employees who stayed back to work
overtime immediately gathered around Shelley.
“Shelley, have you seen the news? Is it true?”
“Is Miss Everheart really pregnant with Stefan Hunt’s baby?”
“It must be true. The paparazzi made things very clear. Miss Everheart is
pregnant with Mr. Hunt’s baby, but Mr. Hunt wouldn’t take responsibility, so Miss
Everheart splashed him with both wine and coffee to try and force him to take


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