The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 705

They continued to gossip and argue. The topic originated from a batch of photos
posted by a famous entertainment industry paparazzi on a certain forum.
The photos showed Renee splashing coffee and wine on Stefan Hunt’s face.
The caption was: “H Group’s CEO rekindled his relationship with his ex-wife.
The woman is three months pregnant, but he insists on breaking up!”
“If this is true, then Mr. Hunt is such a scumbag. Poor Miss Everheart!”
They started to talk bad about Stefan and sympathized with Renee.
Shelley cleared her throat and told everyone, “The news is not entirely true, but
it’s not entirely false either. First of all… Miss Everheart is definitely pregnant,
Enter title…
but she’s proud and she likes to keep a low profile, so she doesn’t want to make
it public. So from now on, we must take good care of Miss Everheart, but don’t
mention the matter in front of her. Understand?”
“As for Mr. Hunt not wanting to take responsibility, I find this part questionable.
At least based on my understanding, Mr. Hunt still cares about Miss Everheart a
great deal. I’m guessing this is also one of the reasons why the two groups will
cooperate sooner or later.”
Everyone immediately understood what happened after listening to Shelley’s
“That’s great! Miss Everheart is pregnant with Mr. Hunt’s baby! This little fella
will become a winner in life the moment they’re born. How lucky!”
The employees of Azure Group could not help cheering.
The protagonist of the incident, Renee Eveheart, was currently dressed in all
black. She sneaked into Stefan’s bedroom, her steps as light as a swallow’s,
completely unaware that she was “pregnant”!!!
She must get the Rainbow Glaze within a week. Since she could not get it
through negotiations, she could only use underhanded methods.
Her plan was to infiltrate Stefan’s residence and steal the Rainbow Glaze.
Doing this was a bit unethical, but considering that she took nothing from Stefan
when they divorced, surely taking the Rainbow Glaze was not too much.
Besides, she would return it sooner or later, so it should not be a big deal.
However, Stefan had a lot of properties under his name, so she did not know
where he kept the Rainbow Glaze.
She could only try her luck and search one place at a time.
The first place she tried was the Hunt Residence.
After all, it was where Stefan regularly stayed in the past year or two. In
addition, Grandpa Timothy also liked antiques and artifacts, so the possibility of
the Rainbow Glaze being kept in the Hunt Residence was the highest.
Renee moved skillfully and cautiously. She easily slipped into the Hunt
Residence and successfully infiltrated Stefan’s bedroom on the second floor.
Truth be told, considering her relationship with Grandpa Timothy, she could
solve the problem by just talking to him. There was no need for her to steal.
But Renee did not want him to misunderstand. She also did not want to have
anything more to do with Stefan. Therefore, stealing the treasure was the
easiest way.
It was already late at night. Grandpa Timothy usually went to bed early. The
entire Hunt household seemed to be asleep.
The house that was as big as a palace stood quietly in the middle of the night.
In Stefan’s bedroom, Renee did not dare to turn on the lights. She searched
with the help of the flashlight that came with her phone.
Stefan’s bedroom in the old Hunt Residence was completely different from his
bedroom in the Hunt Manor.
The color theme of his bedroom in the Hunt Manor was gray, black and white. It
felt cold, serious and restrained, just like him.
But his bedroom in the Hunt Residence completely shattered what Renee knew
of him…


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