The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 707

Although Stefan was cold and unfriendly, he always treated his elders with
respect and patience, especially his grandfather who doted on him ever since
he was a kid.
“Brothers my foot! You’re a man and she’s a woman. If you live together for a
prolonged period of time, even if you’re innocent, people would talk. That’s why
Old Man Murphy is so anxious. He’s asking me for an explanation every day.”
Grandpa Timothy was anxious too. Years had gone by, but his grandson would
not reunite with Renee nor start a new relationship. Did he want to remain single
his whole life?
Then the Hunt family line would end with him!
Enter title…
“I don’t have any other explanation except that we’re brothers. If we had feelings
for each other, we would have gotten together a long time ago. I believe
Seraphina has no special feelings for me either, so stop speculating.”
Stefan spoke calmly. He was a bit tired, so he wanted to take a shower and get
a good night’s sleep.
His gaze suddenly fell on the anime merchandise on the desk. His thick
eyebrows furrowed slightly.
He keenly noticed that Luffy’s position had shifted. Someone had moved him.
It could not have been the servants.
His room was strictly off limits to the servants. He did not need the servants to
clean his room for him. He would clean it himself regularly.
It could not have been his grandfather either.
The old man hated Stefan’s room. He would always make a fuss whenever he
came in here and would try to leave as soon as possible. He said the room was
so childish that it gave him a headache.
It could not have been his parents either.
Those two had left him completely to his own devices ever since he “came back
from the dead” and regained control of the H Group. They were currently on
vacation in Europe. There was no way they would come into his room.
So, who would dare to… break into the Hunt Residence and more importantly,
break into his room?
The security of the Hunt Residence had always been tight. Ordinary burglars
would not be able to break in at all, nor would they have the courage.
Therefore, Stefan concluded that the intruder was not here to steal money.
Could it be an assassination?!
His expression suddenly became serious.
“Grandpa, it’s getting late. You should go to bed.”
Stefan planned to send the old man away first, then conduct a thorough
investigation. If there really was someone hiding in his room, at least it would
not frighten the old man.
“No, I can’t sleep until your problem is solved.”
Grandpa Timothy sat down on the sofa and continued to pressure Stefan. “You
have two options… One, remarry Ren. Two, marry Seraphina. You’re almost
thirty now, so you can’t stay single anymore. I need a great grandson!”
“In my opinion, Ren is still the best wife for you. Even though she’s way out of
your league, you can still pursue her back if you work hard. Seraphina is a good
lass too. She visits me often. But she’s no match for Ren. I’ve always regarded
Ren as my own granddaughter. I’ve been hoping for years that you two would
get back together…”
Renee, who was hiding under the bed, was moved to tears upon hearing what
the old man said.
She was completely unaware that Stefan had already discovered her from the
reflection in the glass.


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