The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 708

Renee did not know that the glass of the cabinet containing the various LEGO
models had a special surface. It was not reflective from the front, but it was
reflective from the side.
Coincidentally, Stefan happened to be standing to the side of the glass cabinet.
He only had to lower his gaze slightly to see Renee, who was hiding under the
After discovering that the person hiding in his room was not an assassin but
was just Renee, Stefan suddenly did not feel tired anymore. As if he had been
injected with stimulants, he suddenly felt really energetic.
His thin lips unconsciously curled into a smile.
Enter title…
Unless he was mistaken, she must be here to steal the Rainbow Glaze. What a
crude solution she came up with!
Stefan gently raised his thick eyebrows, determined to play a trick on her.
He sat on the sofa and crossed his legs, sitting elegantly.
He rubbed his forehead with his long fingers and shook his head helplessly. He
started complaining to Grandpa Timothy, “Grandpa, you have no idea. I’ve tried
to salvage this relationship before, but you don’t know Renee. She’s not the
gentle and obedient woman that you think she is. The real her is a tigress. She
bullies me a lot. My heart has long shattered into pieces…”
Renee: “……”
“What? Really?”
Grandpa Timothy took his words seriously. His aged face turned grave. “She
bullies you?”
Stefan nodded, his eyes even turning slightly bloodshot as he exclaimed, “She
deceived all of you. When we’re alone, she would hit me and curse at me
whenever she felt like it. She would even splash wine or coffee at my face.
However, I’m a forgiving person and I don’t want to damage her image in your
heart, so I chose to endure all this silently.”
“What? Splash wine and coffee at your face? I find that hard to believe.”
Grandpa Timothy frowned and looked skeptical.
He did not believe that Renee, who was always as gentle as a rabbit in front of
him, would splash wine and coffee on someone’s face.
“Grandpa, you know I never lie. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her
yourself. Call her right now.”
Stefan suggested.
Renee’s heart sank. She quickly pressed her phone’s power button with her
thumb to turn it off.
If Grandpa Timothy called her right now and found her lying under his
grandson’s bed, she would be so embarrassed that she would kill herself!
However, her phone decided to lag at that crucial moment. No matter how long
or how hard she pressed the power button, there was no reaction. It would not
turn off the phone nor turn on the screen.
“Do you want me to call her and ask? If you want, I’ll call her right now.”
Stefan took out his phone and asked Grandpa Timothy seriously.
“I don’t believe you. Call her.”
Grandpa Timothy did believe that his docile granddaughter-in-law may have a
strong and aggressive side to her. She was General Everheart’s granddaughter
after all. She could not be that meek. It was in her blood.
But he would never believe that she would splash coffee and wine on his
grandson’s face.
She loved his grandson too much to do that!
“Okay, I’ll call her.”
Stefan slowly searched his contact list for Renee’s number.
Renee was so anxious that her forehead was covered in sweat. She debated
whether she should crawl out from under the bed to turn herself in.
“Actually, forget it…”
Stefan suddenly said.


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