The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 709

“Why? I knew it, you’re lying. You’re slandering her.”
“That’s not it.”
Stefan continued to complain and paint himself as the victim. “I just
remembered that she blocked me. See? Not only did she splash wine and
coffee on me, she also blocked off my attempts to make contact with her…
She’s giving me physical and mental abuse. No matter how strong I am
mentally, I’d still feel sad and hurt.”
Oh, that’s right, she already blocked him a long time ago. His calls could not
reach her.
Renee heaved a sigh of relief, but what he said next made her furious.
Enter title…
That bastard! He’s completely slandering her!
He made it sound like she’s a cold-blooded demon while he’s an innocent angel.
He never explained why she blocked him in the first place and why she would
splash drinks on his face!
“I’ve tried my best to win her back. I gave her my everything, but she…”
Stefan covered his handsome face with his large hand. Depression and pain
enshrouded his body. He looked like he was on the verge of tears. “Grandpa,
I’m so hurt, so tired. I can’t deal with her at all. What should I do?”
Grandpa Timothy had always been a shrewd man, but his grandson was even
shrewder. He could not help being deceived.
The old man let out a long sigh and patted Stefan on the shoulder, comforting
him. “Don’t feel too bad. I know women are really hard to understand. As long
as you’ve tried your best, that’s enough for me. Ren is the one in the wrong
here. I’ll give her a talking to. I won’t let her keep hurting you…”
Renee clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. She thumped the floor a few
times in anger. She was going to explode!
‘Aaah, Grandpa Timothy, don’t believe him! When have I ever bullied him? How
can I bully someone who’s as cunning as a fox and as cold as an iceberg?!’
Renee secretly decided that after she escaped, she must tell Grandpa Timothy
the truth as soon as possible to give Stefan a proverbial slap to the face.
Grandpa Timothy finally left Stefan’s room. The room suddenly became really
Renee held her breath and dared not move an inch. She felt even more nervous
Her eyes were glued to Stefan’s feet. She wanted to be aware of his position at
all times in order to find an opportunity to escape.
But that bastard Stefan would sit on the side of the bed from time to time, as if
he was deliberately toying with her. Every time he did, it would scare the hell out
of her. Then, he would walk away, but never too far off.
After repeating this a few times, Renee could not take it anymore. She debated
whether she should just rush out of the bed and get it over with.
When she saw him take off his shirt to go take a shower, she finally heaved a
sigh of relief.
She planned to leave as soon as Stefan walked into the bathroom.
But before he did, his phone suddenly rang.
The caller was Seraphina, the other option Grandpa Timothy gave Stefan.
As Grandpa Timothy said, both the Murphy family and Seraphina were very
anxious. They hoped the matter between Stefan and Seraphina could reach a
conclusion soon. If the two strong families could unite, the future would be bright
for them.
Stefan returned to the bedside, picked up his phone that was charging, and
accepted the call.
“Lil’ bro, are you home?”
Seraphina asked in a cheerful voice.
“What’s the matter?”
“To thank you for taking care of me, I’ve got a surprise for you. Trust me, you’ll
love it.”
“If you’re home, I’ll bring the surprise over to you right now!”
Stefan was not interested in the so-called surprise, but thinking of the
“audience” under the bed, his thin lips curled into a smile and he said eagerly,
“I’m at the Hunt Residence. You can bring it here!”


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