The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 710

Who was that? Bring what here?
Renee could not hear the conversation very clearly from under the bed.
But what was certain was that she would have to stay under the bed for a lot
‘Damn it… Are you serious? I’m not gonna be stuck here all night, am I?’
Renee thumped the floor in frustration. She was gonna go crazy!!!
About ten minutes later, Seraphina knocked on the door of Stefan’s room.
“That was quick.”
Enter title…
Stefan expressed his surprise when he opened the door.
“Of course!”
Seraphina’s smile was as bright as the sun. She pounced on Stefan, put her
arms around his neck, and said, “I actually called you after I’ve already reached
the Hunt Residence. I knew you must be here, and I was right! We understand
each other so well. We really are brothers!”
Stefan had long gotten accustomed to Seraphina’s intimate behavior. He did not
feel like there was anything inappropriate with how she behaved.
He let the woman hug him and rubbed her freshly-styled hair, then said
mockingly, “You came to my place so late at night and even styled your hair. Be
honest… What kind of mischief are you planning?”
Seraphina’s cheeks reddened slightly with a faint blush. She deliberately said in
a casual manner, “What? This is natural beauty, man. Have you fallen for my
“Oh no, you got me. I’m so fascinated with you that I’m losing my mind.”
Stefan hugged her back and joked.
They all liked to joke with Seraphina like this. In truth, they never saw Seraphina
as a woman and had always treated her like a man.
From Renee’s perspective, she could see their legs being very close together.
They hugged each other for so long and spoke so intimately with each other.
Sure enough, there was something going on between those two!
Seraphina knew that Stefan was joking, but she could not help feeling moved.
With a bright smile, she said, “You stinky brat, you have such a sweet mouth. As
expected of my favorite lil’ bro.”
“I guarantee you’ll like the present I got you. You’re gonna become even more
infatuated with me after you see it!”
After declaring that with confidence, she clapped her hands and told the two
maids who were waiting outside the door, “Thank you. Please bring it in.”
The two servants cautiously carried a huge present into Stefan’s room.
“What is this?”
Stefan could not help feeling a little curious.
“Open it.”
Seraphina said with a smile with a hand around Stefan’s shoulders.
Stefan unwrapped the gift. When he saw what was inside, his eyes couldn’t help
but light up a bit. He generously expressed his delight, “You do know me well. I
love this gift.”
Renee stretched her neck to try and catch a glimpse of the present. She was so
curious to know what kind of gift could make the CEO of H Group so happy.
“This is LEGO’s star product this year, the X3 spacecraft. As far as I know,
they’ve only published the concept ads for it so far. Not only is it a limited edition
product, it hasn’t even been officially released yet. How did you get your hands
on this?”
Stefan really loved the present. He asked Seraphina curiously while unboxing
the LEGO set.
“You’re not the only one who’s fallen head over heels for me. That company’s
boss is also one of my many admirers. It’s just a LEGO model. If I wanted it, of
course he would give it to me.”
Seraphina raised her chin and said smugly.


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