The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 711

She knew that Stefan had loved Lego blocks since he was young, so whenever
she saw a special edition set, she would immediately buy it for him under the
guise of being his ‘homie’. Every time she watched Stefan open up his present
like a little kid on Christmas, she felt extremely happy.
The X2 spaceship model on his glass shelf was also a gift from her. Seeing the
man build and place her gift on the most eye-catching spot in his room, she
figured she must be somewhat important to him. This belief made her love for
him grow even stronger.
Stefan took out the tens of thousands of blocks and sat down on the floor with
his legs crossed. He looked quite excited to start assembling it.
Enter title…
Seraphina sat down as well, hugging Stefan from behind and placing her chin
on his shoulder. She asked him cheekily, “If you like my gift this much, shouldn’t
you give me a reward in return?”
Stefan didn’t look up from the blocks, but said generously, “What do you want?
I’ll give you anything.”
“What if I said I wanted you?” Seraphina gathered her courage and carefully
tested the waters.
Stefan frowned, visibly confused as he turned around to look at the woman. He
placed his hand on her forehead and asked, “Are you sick or something?”
“Hahaha, there’s no need to be so tense. I only see you as a bro, my guy. I’m
just asking you since my family is urging me to get married. I can’t think of any
other way, so I was hoping you could help a bro out!” Seraphina still didn’t want
to reveal her true intentions, and tried to play it off as a joke.
“Why me?” Stefan asked casually, raising an eyebrow.
“Look, we’re both single, and we’re at the age of marriage. Also, we’re childhood
friends, so we know each other well and our backgrounds are similar. Our
families are urging us to get married anyway, so why don’t we just do it to shut
them up?” Seraphina said excitedly, as if she was talking about some kind of
grand business project.
Stefan was facing the bed at the time, with his slender fingers randomly putting
the small blocks together. He wondered what Renee’s expression was like after
hearing that, especially since she was currently hiding under his bed.
“Sounds good!” Stefan said heartily, not rejecting Seraphina. “Marriage is just a
legal matter anyway, so it doesn’t matter who I do it with. So why wouldn’t I
marry someone I don’t hate, not to mention someone I know well?”
Renee’s expression instantly turned icy. For some reason, Stefan’s words
disappointed her. She had been through marriage, and it was exactly as he
said. No matter the person, all that was left at the end of a marriage was just the
urge to strangle each other to death.
If she had another chance to choose, she would definitely stop herself from
marrying for the so-called ‘love’ she longed for. She believed Stefan had
understood this from the start, which explained his hostility during their entire
Hence, choosing to marry Seraphina was the most practical decision he could
make. He wasn’t wrong for choosing this option, but it made Renee resent him,
and she didn’t quite understand why.
‘I don’t get it at all! This is so frustrating!’ She thought.
“Oh my god, dude, really? You really think it’s a good idea to get married?”
Seraphina was so excited that she was starting to stumble over her words, and
she hugged the man tightly


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