The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 712

Seraphina had only mentioned marriage for the sake of gauging Stefan’s
opinion on it – she had never expected him to take her question seriously at all.
To her immense shock, Stefan had ended up… agreeing with her.
It felt like a dream come true to the woman, as if the high and mighty star that
she had loved for so long had finally fallen into her hands.
“If you’re willing to marry me, I’ll let you take over the Murphy family business
too. I just want to enjoy life because I don’t have any idea on how to run a
business at all. I’ll feel much better with you handling the Murphy business.”
Seraphina had already envisioned their wonderful life together after marriage.
She grabbed the man’s arm, looking at the crystal chandelier above their heads
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as she said happily, “We’ll get a villa up west, and decorate the place however
we want. You like anime and Lego blocks, right? We can have a room just for
your figurines! I’ll buy you the rarest figurines and the hardest Lego sets to
Seraphina looked at Stefan with a grin. “We can turn our home into our own
personal theme park! You won’t have to worry about our marriage being boring
too, since I’m not like your ex-wife! I’ll bring excitement into our lives, unlike your
cold and dull ex-wife back then. To think it was so bad that you got tired of your
Before Stefan divorced Renee, his friends had made fun of his lackluster
marriage all the time. Moreover, Seraphina could tell that Stefan really did
despise their relationship, and had gotten tired of his modest and gentle wife.
Thus, she knew she had to show the man the joys of being married so that he
would be willing to give it another chance…
“Right, my ex-wife was pretty cold. That’s why our marriage fell apart. Now that I
think about it, it really was…” Stefan suddenly paused.
“It really was what?” Seraphina’s eyes widened as she asked curiously.
At the same time, Renee was trying her best to hear what he was about to say.
She really wanted to know the man’s true feelings on their failed marriage.
Stefan shook his head, his lips curving upwards mysteriously. “It’s nothing.”
Seraphina was disappointed, to say the least. She frowned deeply and said,
“Hey now, how can you tease me like that? But tell me… do you still miss your
relationship with your ex-wife? If you had another chance, would you choose to
start over with her?”
She wanted to know what Renee meant to him, which would dictate how she
was going to treat the woman from now on.
Stefan, however, remained silent, and just smiled.
Seraphina knew that the man wouldn’t reply if he didn’t want to, so she could
only change the topic. “So, my suggestion is good, right? I told you what our
married life would be like, so are you… willing to try it out with me?”
Stefan was holding a Lego block, his expression solemn. He couldn’t possibly
respond to Seraphina’s question, since he himself had no idea what to say
From an objective standpoint, marrying Seraphina would be the best choice as
of now, since they would be combining two powerful families with their union.
Despite knowing this…
He was holding onto a joint block at the time, which was round in shape. As his
mind wandered, the block fell out of his grasp, and rolled under the bed.
‘Damn it!’ Renee cussed in her head as the piece landed next to her arm.


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