The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 713

Renee’s body tensed up instantly, sweat dripping from her forehead. She didn’t
even dare to breathe, thinking, ‘Oh, I’m so doomed…’
She wasn’t worried that Stefan wouldn’t let her go, she just felt embarrassed
about this whole ordeal. She constantly called the man a pervert, but her
secretly hiding under his bed was even more perverted than his usual antics!
“Dude, you dropped one,” Seraphina sighed as she saw the block rolling away.
She stood up and walked towards the bed to help him get it. “You have to be
careful, you know? I had to go through a lot to get you this set… Ahhh!”
The woman had just gotten down on all fours, peering under the bed to see
where the block was. To her shock, Seraphina saw Renee hiding there, and she
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let out a piercing shriek.
“Under your bed, she… she…” Seraphina’s face went pale as she stammered,
still pointing at Renee shakily. She couldn’t seem to find the words she wanted
to say.
Stefan, on the other hand, just smirked knowingly. “Come out, then. Are you not
tired from hiding for so long?”
Renee’s heart pounded as a wave of shame and awkwardness flooded her. She
thought to herself furiously, ‘He knew I was under his bed all along – he just
pretended not to know so he could toy with me! All the hard work I’ve put in to
be cool and indifferent towards him is nothing but a joke now… It’s all gone to
“What on Earth… Stef, you knew she was under your bed?” Seraphina came
back to her senses and looked at the man in disbelief. “What twisted game are
you two playing?”
Renee clenched her fists and let out a deep sigh. She then crawled out with a
stern expression, trying to hide the fact that part of her soul had just died from
humiliation. Her dignity was completely crushed the moment she looked up and
found Stefan’s arrogant gaze on her.
“Sorry for the intrusion,” Renee said coolly as she dusted herself off, turning
around to leave.
“Wouldn’t it be rude to leave just like that?” Stefan stared at the woman’s back,
a fake smile plastered on his face. “As far as I know, trespassing is a serious,
punishable offense.”
Seraphina finally connected the dots in her head. She scolded Renee loudly,
“He’s right – you were trespassing! Are you a pervert?! To think you’d choose to
hide under his bed too! Did you hear our entire conversation? Ugh, you’re such
a calculative woman! What are you doing here?”
Renee gritted her teeth, unable to hold back her anger as she turned to glare at
them. “Are you two done yet? Isn’t this enough? You truly are a cruel man,
Stefan Hunt! Do you think it’s fun to toy with me?!”
Stefan chuckled coldly and shrugged. “What did I do?”
“You know what you did. I don’t care if you two want to play out your little love
story, but you didn’t have to make me your audience!” Renee snapped, never
having felt so humiliated in her life. She felt like a fool wrapped around his little
finger, and she hated that he thought he could do whatever he wanted with her.
“Oh, now I see what you’re trying to do, you hypocrite! You’re the pervert who
hid under Stef’s bed, but now you’re trying to put the blame on him?! Honestly,
you should just call the cops on her, Stef!” Seraphina sneered as she took her
phone out.
She then pointed at Renee and declared, “Let’s have her arrested! The police
will surely know how to deal with her!”


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