The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 717

“Yeah, maybe.” Renee didn’t deny it either. Thinking back, despite having been
married to the man for so many years, despite expressing every ounce of love
she had for him, she’d never really tried putting her ego aside to make him stay
She had been willing to give up everything for him, but she had let him go as
soon as he brought it up. She didn’t bother to try to save the relationship, and
even left before he could leave her…
She couldn’t help but wonder if things would’ve been different for them if she
had just done something back then.
Enter title…
As time passed, the clock soon struck 3 AM, which was usually when the
human body felt most exhausted.
Renee was starting to feel drowsy, and her movements were slowing down.
However, she knew that she couldn’t sleep now, as she wanted to get the
Rainbow Glaze. She simply had to finish this project before dawn arrived.
“I’m getting sleepy.” Stefan stretched as he looked at the Lego set that was only
partially complete. He turned to the woman and said, “We’re not going to finish it
anyway, so why don’t you get some shut eye?”
Renee bit down on her tongue so that she could stay awake. “You can go ahead
and sleep if you’re tired. I can finish this on my own. I just hope you can keep
your promise and not play any tricks this time!”
“Are you sure you can do this on your own?” Stefan smirked. “Normally it’d take
at least half a month to finish building something like this.”
“Well I’m not the average person, so I don’t need that much time,” Renee said in
a determined and arrogant tone.
Noticing the woman’s fatigued eyes, Stefan sighed. “I’m being serious, you can
go get some rest first. I’ll give you the Rainbow Glaze later.”
“There’s no need for that!” Renee’s movements quickened as she responded,
“We made a deal, so I have to keep my word. I don’t need your pity.”
“Fine then, I’m going to bed.” This was the first time Stefan had ever seen
Renee’s sheer stubbornness. Hence, he decided not to say anything else and
headed to the bathroom within the master bedroom.
Once he was done with showering, he noticed Renee curled up on the floor
sleeping, still holding some blocks in her hands.
“Oh, Renee Everheart, you sure do talk big.” Stefan chuckled as he stared at
the woman, his gaze softening. Barefooted, he quietly approached the woman
and picked her up bridal style.
Renee was simply fatigued, as she had been pulling quite a few all-nighters.
She clung to the man with both her arms wrapped around her neck, drifting in
and out of sleep.
Stefan lowered his head, looking at the woman fast asleep in his arms, and a
wave of affection overwhelmed him. He was usually a hostile person, and
disliked being too close to anyone. However, he couldn’t help but wish this
moment would last a little longer, so that he didn’t have to break away from her
soft embrace…
“What kind of spell is this, woman? How do you always make me look past my
principles time and time again?” He murmured as he placed her on the bed,
gently brushing the hair out of her face.
Suddenly, he realized what he was doing, and was about to get up to leave.
At that moment, Renee hugged his waist tightly and refused to let go. She
mumbled under her breath, “You can’t leave, I wanna hug.”


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