The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 718

It was already afternoon when Renee woke up the next day. She was on a soft
large bed that had a relaxing fragrance emanating from its sheets. She soon
realized that it was Stefan’s unique scent.
It was said that a person could identify the scent of someone they loved very
much; it wasn’t the smell of their perfume, but the scent coming from within their
very souls. It was likely that Stefan was considered somewhat important in her
heart, which was why Renee could still recognize his unique scent.
“Damn it!” Renee jumped up from the bed as soon as she realized where she
was, the shock waking her up in an instant. She was the only one left in the
room at the time, as Stefan seemed to have gone off somewhere already.
Enter title…
“Ugh, how could I have fallen asleep?” Renee slapped herself on the forehead,
frustrated that she hadn’t finished building the Lego set. Furthermore, she just
had to end up sleeping in Stefan’s bed.
She could only imagine how Stefan would humiliate her because of this. Not
only would she not get the Rainbow Glaze, she had given the man another
opportunity to humiliate her.
‘I really messed up…’ Renee thought miserably and shook her head.
Within just a few minutes, she tidied up and got out of bed. She then noticed the
completed version of the X2 spaceship being displayed on the glass shelf,
which made her gawk in disbelief.
“Oh my god, it’s finished! Did that guy use some sort of dark magic? This is
insane!” Renee remembered that she barely had one-third of it assembled, and
the rest of the blocks had been scattered everywhere. It was simply unthinkable
that he had done this alone.
She then thought to herself, ‘Didn’t Hunt go to bed right after he showered? Did
he just randomly wake up in the middle of the night to continue building this
thing? There’s no way he’d pull an all-nighter to finish this though. He’d be
risking not getting enough sleep, and he’d be letting me win. What does he get
out of this then?’
Renee was perplexed, but didn’t want to think about it anymore. ‘Ah, whatever,
it’s done anyway, so Hunt has to keep his end of the deal and hand over the
Rainbow Glaze. He said he was a man of his word after all!’
As she continued pondering, Renee took her phone out, so that she could ask
the man to give her what he promised. However, before she could dial his
number, Stefan’s bedroom door swung open.
“Ren, you’re up.” The person who entered was Timothy, Stefan’s grandfather.
“Uhm, G-Grandpa Timothy!” Renee’s gaze darted to the ground, feeling so
awkward that her entire body tensed up.
She hoped the old man wouldn’t misunderstand her relationship with Stefan, but
it would be quite hard not to, especially after seeing her getting out of his bed.
Timothy looked the woman up and down with a serene and knowing smile. “Was
that punk rough on you last night, dear?”


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