The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 720

Renee left the Hunt manor with the Rainbow Glaze in her arms, still feeling
rather conflicted. She then called Rubio, hoping to settle matters regarding the
Everheart Residence as soon as she could.
The two decided to meet up in a lovely villa within Care Farm. Rubio was
smoking a cigarette at the time, a young woman in her early twenties sitting
right next to him.
“You’re quite a diligent woman, I must say! You were able to get your hands on
this priceless treasure that many would sell their souls for, in such a short period
no less! I knew you could do it – you’re capable and tenacious, as expected
from my confidant.”
Enter title…
Renee had placed the Rainbow Glaze into a beautiful box, holding it with both
her arms carefully the whole time. She smiled softly and responded, “You’re too
kind, Rubio. It’s just an artifact, really. There’s probably loads of substitutes out
there. It’s not like it can grant immortality, so how could people be willing to sell
their souls for such a thing?”
Rubio just smiled, his eyes fixated on the box in Renee’s hands, looking as sly
as a fox.
However, the young woman next to him scoffed at Renee. “Ugh, uncultured
much? Do you know just how valuable the Rainbow Glaze is? Sure, immortality
sounds great, but this thing can cure any illness! It even helps chase bad omens
“It’s rumored that it can help freshen your mind and extend your lifespan if you
pour drinks from it. Back then, the Hunts and Carmine Pawnshop went head to
head with each other just to get their hands on this treasure! The Hunts needed
it to extend their second son’s life after all, and because of that, that family
“Shut up!” Rubio shot the young woman a dirty glare just as Renee was getting
interested in the story. The young woman then lowered her head, not daring to
utter another word.
“They needed it to extend Stefan Hunt’s lifespan?” Renee asked with a frown.
“Rubio, can you tell me anything about this relic? Why would the Hunt family go
to such extremes for a mere artifact?”
Rubio smirked coyly, naturally refusing to reveal much to Renee. “Just hand me
the relic, and I’ll give you your land. What’s with this nosy business all of a
sudden? So what if this thing helps with the Hunt family bloodline? You’re
divorced, so the fate of the Hunt family has nothing to do with you now, right?”
“Yeah, but I’m just a very thorough person. I can give you the item, but I have to
know its history first.” Renee spoke firmly, seemingly determined as she stared
back at the man.
Rubio was losing his patience, and he leaned back against the sofa with a
chilling grin. “It’s up to you then. Hand me the relic and I’ll sign the contract. If
you don’t, I’ll just carry on with my work as planned next week. It doesn’t really
matter to me anyway, so make sure you think it over.”
“Sorry, Rubio. I can’t give this to you until I understand the situation completely,”
Renee replied and left with the Rainbow Glaze right away. If the relic really was
that important to the Hunt family, or to Stefan Hunt, she couldn’t bring herself to
give it to Rubio for her own selfish reasons. She would just have to find another
way to get the Everheart Residence back.
Rubio watched as the woman left, his lips curving into a mysterious smile.
The young woman didn’t quite understand. She hugged Rubio’s arm and asked
in a sickeningly sweet voice, “Rubio, that’s the priceless Rainbow Glaze. How
could you just let it go over some land?”
“What do you know?” Rubio glanced at the woman disdainfully. “This is a battle
between the powerful, and I’m just a little pawn in this game of chess. If she did
hand the relic over before the boss gave any further orders, I’d just be attracting
unwanted trouble to myself. It’s best to stay out of this.”
The young woman couldn’t suppress her curiosity. “The boss you mentioned…
Is it the second son of the Hunt family, Stefan Hunt? If it really is him, it’s true
that we can’t afford to offend him.”
Rubio just smiled cryptically. “No, the true mastermind is someone else.


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