The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 721

Chapter 721
Renee carried the Rainbow Glaze with her the entire time, and arrived at the
Azure Group with an absent mind. She was wondering if she should return it
back to Stefan. After all, if the relic truly was an important item to him and to his
family, she couldn’t possibly repay his kindness for giving it to her without any
requirements at all.
She wouldn’t even have the heart to give him attitude the next time they
bumped into each other. ‘How frustrating would that be?! Ah whatever, I should
just give it back! Nothing’s free in this world!’
The employees of Azure Group instantly fussed over Renee when they saw her.
Enter title…
“Miss Everheart, what brings you here? You should be resting at home!
Please don’t walk around too much!”
“We’re here to look after the company, and everything’s going smoothly. Don’t
you worry about us, you should take care of yourself first!”
“Ah! Miss Everheart, slow down! The janitor just cleaned the floor earlier, so you
might slip!”
Everyone swarmed Renee with concern, with some trying to support her arms,
while others fanned her with their little electric fans.
Wyatt had also prepared a glass of fresh milk for her, and told her kindly,” Miss
Everheart, are you thirsty? Here, have some warm milk. It’s nutritious too.”
Renee was completely bewildered, and looked at the crowd with narrowed
eyes. “Hey, what’s all this about? People would think I’m about to die if they saw
She knew that her employees loved and admired her, but she didn’t expect
them to go as far as to worship her like an actual goddess. She couldn’t handle
this treatment at all!
“Miss Everheart, you’re not about to die, you’re just… branching out. So, it’s
better to be safe than sorry,” Wyatt said as smiled at her meaningfully, which
only made Renee even more confused.
She sat in her office, staring blankly at the box that contained the Rainbow
Glaze, still wondering if she should return it. Suddenly, she remembered that her
company was on the opposite side of the H Group headquarters. She might just
be able to sneak a peek into Stefan’s office from here.
“Wyatt, can you get me a telescope?” Renee excitedly asked her assistant.
“I think so, I’ll have the admins send it over right away.”
One of the admins soon brought Renee a high-powered telescope, which she
placed before the French windows and started scanning the other side with it.
Stefan’s office was on a higher floor than hers, but it was noticeably different
from the other rooms in his company, so she was able to locate it rather quickly.
“That guy sure is a workaholic. It’s lunch time, but he isn’t moving from his desk
at all! Is he not hungry?” Renee mumbled to herself as she tip-toed to look into
her telescope.
Wyatt, on the other hand, let out a long sigh as he watched Renee. He seemed
to be quite saddened. ‘Oh my, Miss Everheart really does have a difficult life.
She’s pregnant with Mr. Hunt’s child, yet she’s still longing for his love so
desperately! Men really do suck, including the CEO of H Group, despite being
known as the perfect man! He’s just a two-faced monster!’
“No, I can’t bear to watch Miss Everheart continue living like this. I have to think
of something!” Wyatt whispered to himself determinedly, his mind coming up
with a plan


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