The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 722

Renee stood before the windows while she tried her best to adjust the angle of
the telescope, acting as if she was a spy focused on her mission. Everyone had
a tendency to snoop at some point, and it should be fine if she snooped on the
legendary Stefan Hunt himself.
The man was currently sitting before his desk, reading through the document in
his hands thoroughly. His defined, charming features were perfectly sculpted,
making him look like he belonged on the front cover of a magazine.
“Ugh, just look at how serious he’s pretending to be. I refuse to believe you
won’t yawn or pick your nose in private!” Renee scoffed cheekily as she stayed
in the same position for quite some time, hoping to capture a glimpse of
Stefan’s uglier side.
Enter title…
After a short while, Stefan received a call and got up, walking over to his
windows with a cup of coffee in his hand.
“Sh*t!” Renee ducked immediately, worried that she would be caught redhanded. From what she knew of the man, he was a complete narcissist who
thought she still had feelings for him. If he were to find out that she was spying
on him with a telescope, he would definitely not let it slide.
Thinking that Stefan had likely walked away, Renee peeked out from her hiding
spot and started looking for him once more.
“Wait, where did he go? How did he disappear like that?” She muttered as she
looked into the telescope, frantically searching.
“What are you looking at?” A deep, calm voice sounded from behind her.
“What kind of question is that? That pervert of course!” Renee replied without
turning around, continuing her search by staring into the man’s office from
different angles. She seemed rather childish at that moment.
“I’d really like to see if he picks his nose or something in private. I refuse to
believe that a normal person could maintain the same perfect act all the time!
Doesn’t he ever get tired?”
“If you’re really that curious, I’ll allow you to watch me up close,” the deepvoiced man chuckled.
“Huh?” Renee finally noticed that something was off, and quickly spun around.
To her horror, she found Stefan sitting at her desk with his legs crossed and
both hands in his pockets. He was staring back at her with a slight smile.
As the telescope fell to the ground, Renee buried her face into her hands with a
groan, wishing she could disappear into thin air.
‘Oh god, let lightning strike me now!’
“People told me that you couldn’t move on, but I didn’t quite understand that
before. But now, it looks to me like you really do still love me, to the point you’d
stoop so low as to spy on me.” Stefan smirked. Although he seemed composed
on the surface, he was actually quite happy and proud of this.
Renee felt like she was about to explode from rage. Her eyes narrowed as she
turned towards Wyatt, who was hiding behind the door. “Who let him in here?
How can the security department of Azure Group be so weak?”
“I’m sorry, Miss Everheart, it was my idea to ask Mr. Hunt to come by. I just
couldn’t bear watching your love for him to go to waste. Besides, I think the both
of you need a nice, long talk…” Wyatt raised his hand apologetically.
He then turned to Stefan angrily. “Mr. Hunt, even if men suck, I’d like to believe
that you are different. If you have chosen to love Miss Everheart, then take
some damn responsibility! At the very least, your issues with each other
shouldn’t affect the child, don’t you think?”
Stefan nodded. “If that is true, I will take responsibility for her, I promise.”
“Good! So talk to each other, and I’ll be excusing myself. I’m not going to stick
around to be a third wheel! I hope you guys bear many children in the future!”
Wyatt quickly fled the scene before Renee could strangle him to death


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