The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 723

Finally, the only people left in the room were Renee and Stefan.
“What the heck? What does he mean by ‘many children’?” Renee turned to
Stefan in alarm.
‘Could he have found out about Abby and Adie’s existence? If he has, there’s
going to be a battle soon. This is war!’
She knew that this wasn’t the right time to go against the Hunts, which was why
she still felt somewhat uneasy. However, if it was bound to happen, she would
not go down without a fight either.
‘No one… And I mean no one can take Abby and Adie away from me!’
Enter title…
“There’s no one around, so drop the act. I know about our child,” Stefan said
Renee clenched her fists, still pretending to be aloof. “What child? I don’t
understand. If you want babies to continue your bloodline so badly, just spread
the news and pick a girl with the best genes! Aren’t you being a little ridiculous
by clinging to your ex-wife like this?!”
Stefan stared at Renee, pausing before he gave her a cryptic smile. “I thought
you were pregnant with my child, which is why you made such a big commotion
that day. Isn’t it so that I’d take responsibility? To be honest… I am at a suitable
age to have children anyway, and it’s not like I can’t accept you as the mother of
my children.”
“What?” Renee echoed, completely stunned. “You’re saying I’m… pregnant with
your child?”
“Were you not aware?” Stefan continued with a straight face. “Were you not the
one who provided information to the paparazzi? Just look at the news!”
“I wasn’t, I really wasn’t.” Renee’s mind went blank. “What paparazzi? What
Stefan didn’t explain anything further and took his phone out, searching the
current trending news before handing it to the woman. “Take a look for yourself!”
Renee hesitated briefly, read the article, and… exploded right away.
“What?! Which of those damn paparazzi jerks wrote this? When was I ever
pregnant? And they even wrote that I was practically begging you to take
responsibility! Even Shakespeare would have to bow down to their creativity!”
Stefan stood up and approached her, still smiling. “If you did this to get back
together, I really don’t mind, you know? Our children will definitely have both
brains and beauty with our genes. So… are you pregnant or not?”
“No!” Renee burst out, putting her arms up into an ‘X’ sign. “Birth control is the
way to go! Besides, I don’t even love you, so why would I ever carry your
babies? Do you think I have a lot of time and energy on my hands?”
“Are you sure?” Stefan’s gaze darkened, his voice turning cold and intimidating.
“So you’re not willing to carry my children even if I am willing to take full
“Exactly!” Renee gritted her teeth. “I want to cut ties with you! If I were to have
your children, it’d be impossible for me to do that now, wouldn’t it? Why would I
ever want such a horrible future? I’m not an idiot!”
Stefan’s expression became colder by the minute. After all, the woman’s words
were like sharp blades stabbing the man’s heart.
His ego thoroughly bruised, anger now rose in him. He warned the woman in a
harsh voice, saying, “Remember what you said today, Everheart. If you dare lie
to me, I will make your life a living hell!”


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